Naroči 2,3 mio.
"Living life on the goon side"
Mark Seabourne
Mark Seabourne Pred 22 urami
Chrome rap that hellcat
My Two Good Hands
My Two Good Hands Pred 22 urami
Bummer that its a V6 I love the Ford Big V8's without turbos
My Two Good Hands
My Two Good Hands Pred 22 urami
Stay with the blue its a sweet color dude
Bill Wasylenko
Bill Wasylenko Pred 22 urami
The Nardo Gray definitely. Or that green that was on that audi at the dealership was really nice. So glad ur back to cars. The house videos were cool in the beginning but after a while I just couldn’t watch them anymore. They got old quick! Stick to vehicles definitely
Adrian Teodor
Adrian Teodor Pred 23 urami
Make the hellcat matte red with black accents.
Adrian Teodor
Adrian Teodor Pred 23 urami
Omg the trackhawk is too beautiful
leasny lavina
leasny lavina Pred 23 urami
i would like to see more trucks rebuilds instead of sport cars and sedans 😎👍
J. L.
J. L. Pred 23 urami
I want to see the 370z again👍
Dave Baird
Dave Baird Pred 23 urami
Damn... I hate the wb on the hellcat
DaThirdyyy Pred 23 urami
Goonzquad has been creating quality contents these days, but we all know these Mustang days were the glory days.
Cut Throat
Cut Throat Pred 23 urami
Giveaway for that hellcat , man if I can own one man
Bob Georgiou
Bob Georgiou Pred 23 urami
TSFI..Too Fast Supercharged Import
o MADM Pred 23 urami
Nice Hellcat, you guys should wrap it Frozen Black/ Black Satin would be so sick to see and really shows the agressive that you want, keep up guys 💪
Charles Kloentrup
Charles Kloentrup Pred 23 urami
What is happening with you commercial shop that is being built ?
C D Pred 23 urami
Guys I live in Germany. Let me know what you need, i would look for some cheaper Audi parts here!!! I would buy them and send them to you.
Andrew Hagewood
Andrew Hagewood Pred dnevom
On the Hellcat... Flat OD green with a flat black hood, roof and trunk lid.
Diego Pred dnevom
Yesssss....... Carssss !!!!!
gorge washington
gorge washington Pred dnevom
its not you first audi the lambo is an audi .......
deloreanfan81 Pred dnevom
Goonsquad begins on the Audi Goonsquad sister:"Finally!!!!"
J Eldridge
J Eldridge Pred dnevom
so really no loose ends got taken care of lol
Mitch Cohen
Mitch Cohen Pred dnevom
Chalk white (Porsche color) to wrap the hellcat
The DocMack Car Channel
You guys should really replace the Viper Windshield. It is a collectors item and you don't want things flying inside the cabin if the lamination gives up . I love the color of the Viper.
Brew G4
Brew G4 Pred dnevom
You guys have made that house look amazing
thepan777 Pred dnevom
Romaldo Leyva
Romaldo Leyva Pred dnevom
Lmao! Copart! I wish we can have one here in mexico
David Tremblay
David Tremblay Pred dnevom
ok lets say it guy glass shower window is always to see the wify take a shower
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou Pred dnevom
Super charger period lol 🤟
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou Pred dnevom
Dam son
Jesse Haynes
Jesse Haynes Pred dnevom
Plum crazy purple!
John Johnson
John Johnson Pred dnevom
12:05 Licc Licc
Aaron Banga
Aaron Banga Pred dnevom
Boys its seriously time to upgrade from the iPhone camera to an actual good camera with a good mic, it would make the videos much more enjoyable.
Kasra Soltani
Kasra Soltani Pred dnevom
Matte Green please on the Hellcat!
Howard Meyers
Howard Meyers Pred dnevom
Fedor van Meeuwen
Fedor van Meeuwen Pred dnevom
Tfsi means Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection Which means it has a turbo (obviously) and it is direct injected
JFal* Will
JFal* Will Pred dnevom
Hi guys. Whatever happened to their new little dog Chief ????
Cory Johnson
Cory Johnson Pred dnevom
I was shocked when I saw you tie a ROPE to the tree, lol! whew!
Tommy TSG
Tommy TSG Pred dnevom
why your poor lambo sitting outside and stupid supra in the shop? :D
Sniper Fish
Sniper Fish Pred dnevom
Nice rip off name
victor Pred dnevom
they be like: "dude, dude, dude, oh dudee, dude, dude ,dude, dude, dude,dude,dude ,dude,dude,dude,dude,dude,dude,dude,dude,dudedudedudedudedude
Nicholas Shattock
Nicholas Shattock Pred dnevom
Do a mat black wrap
Matt Farias
Matt Farias Pred dnevom
Plum crazy for the hellcat
sirtrenty Pred dnevom
You say wide body we (English person) says flared arches
Sand King
Sand King Pred dnevom
2/3k for a cam??? 🤣
Lat Slater
Lat Slater Pred dnevom
Patiently waiting for an old muscle car rebuild lol Very excited about the Raptor for now!
Barbara Rodriguez
Barbara Rodriguez Pred dnevom
Rick Eaton
Rick Eaton Pred dnevom
Purple dang son.
Blade Bibelhauser
Blade Bibelhauser Pred dnevom
black camo
ThatboiB Pred dnevom
I see a couple of scratches on the right side window
Will G37x
Will G37x Pred dnevom
Demon hood for the win
Francisco Ruiz
Francisco Ruiz Pred dnevom
Can u gives us a car update on all your cars if you can
Abner G.
Abner G. Pred dnevom
Bigger turbos is a must 100%
Gary Tuttle
Gary Tuttle Pred dnevom
Please! no satin black!
Jamal Smith
Jamal Smith Pred dnevom
Go to HNRob rivet guns .com in Livonia Michigan. My name is jamal Smith I am from Detroit Michigan and I am one of your biggest fans keep up the good work you motivate me to become a rebuilder just like you
Turbo Fanatic
Turbo Fanatic Pred dnevom
Steve Grimes
Steve Grimes Pred dnevom
The blue on the Audi steering wheel looks like the same color as the Raptor!
Jacob Campos
Jacob Campos Pred dnevom
Red for the hellcat
Barkanelli ChasingDreams
They plan longterm. Now they have headquarters, can build more there. They got the other property where they will have a warehouse/shop. They work hard and share everything. They will take on the while journey:)
Barkanelli ChasingDreams
Will share everything with us and more build will come. Having bigger business means more other things and permits is needed.
Garibay Photos
Garibay Photos Pred dnevom
Michael Strzeminski
Five guys
Pasan Weli
Pasan Weli Pred dnevom
do a final video on handing over Audi to your sis. boys need to see her reaction
MUKESH NAIDU Pred dnevom
Wrap the hellcat with purple
Master of Gamesss
Master of Gamesss Pred dnevom
I need to send u something
Master of Gamesss
Master of Gamesss Pred dnevom
Which state do y’all live in
Chris Miller
Chris Miller Pred dnevom
I would look into the PR-5 Riveter by prospot.
Skylar Ray
Skylar Ray Pred dnevom
I have a wide body and I have 305s on mine and the tires are perfectly flush with the fenders!
NYC KING Pred dnevom
Yay no more house renovations, glad you're back to cars
Cameron Chatterton
Cameron Chatterton Pred dnevom
Should do the hellcat simbol in mat and have it kinda blind in with the black
Hans van Erdelen
Hans van Erdelen Pred dnevom
Hello guys I want to ask you about the new Goonzquad garage when is it in service, and please leave the Audi A7 as a German car and not an American version.
Renato Loreto
Renato Loreto Pred dnevom
Black, white and grey camo, for the dodge wrap 👌🏽
Christoffer Braaen
Christoffer Braaen Pred dnevom
Navy grey on the hell cat, with a Carbon fiber hood
Göz Carpinteiro
Göz Carpinteiro Pred dnevom
You should ad some mate gold wrap stripes, with gold caliper and mate black stripe too. It should look amazing agressive.
William Leach
William Leach Pred dnevom
Y’all should do a cherry red on the hell cat.
Kolkataautomaniac Pred dnevom
Go for the bright red,, coz the calipers are also red, the brake lights are also red.... The colour will go on with this dodge specially 😍😍
Jr vz
Jr vz Pred dnevom
Matte red
O squad
O squad Pred dnevom
I didn't skip ads on this
Donald Arthur
Donald Arthur Pred dnevom
If you have time to answer where did you get the frame.
Linda Kuryla
Linda Kuryla Pred dnevom
javk scecw ot
Miguel Rosario
Miguel Rosario Pred dnevom
VVDI key programming for AUDI
1ST General
1ST General Pred dnevom
No Thomas 😥 ? F8 green 👽
Richard Farmer
Richard Farmer Pred dnevom
First off don't wrap it. If you want to see how bad a matte black wrap can look check out Tavarish's wrapped Mercedes.