The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 90 

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Its all been real!!! We are finally finished with the last major tasks for this house! We have had an amazing time so far with this project and now we are closing in on it. We are waiting on a few little things but in the mean time we have a little surprise for y'all. The house build will be paused for a short time and when were back on it, it'll be epic!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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25. mar. 2021

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michael nnielsen
michael nnielsen Pred 4 dnevi
One more would look good thats my Point of w.( look)
notoriousTASH Pred 4 dnevi
Is it just me or do those floating shelves seem a bit too thick?
Qwenten Plante
Qwenten Plante Pred 5 dnevi
You boys are WAY to cute.
Invicta View
Invicta View Pred 6 dnevi
I've been a fan since finding the Goonz in 2019. Went back to there first video, and went through the whole lot. Then, this house build started in 2020. I unsubbed and stopped watching soon after, and only came back this week, having checked back and seen they're on part 90 and this was finally the end! I cant be the only Goonz fan that wants to see there car content? I mean, surely, not all the people here who have sat through these 90 house build vids, are car fans too? Maybe the 'like's' and 'thumbs up's' will start rising again with the car content back. We've certainly missed the original Goonzquad concept. 👍🇬🇧
Dain Randa
Dain Randa Pred 6 dnevi
Why aren’t they wearing masks 😷 at the store
qazi bilal
qazi bilal Pred 7 dnevi
I legit first thought they said shit in a bottle
J Miles
J Miles Pred 8 dnevi
Last video of the house thank God they suck.
Fabien Wang
Fabien Wang Pred 8 dnevi
We need a last video of this serie, with you guys removing those windows stickers 👌😂
Forman Willis
Forman Willis Pred 9 dnevi
Hi guys, just watched 40 odd episodes of your build at one time and loved it from down under Australia. We have homes we called Traditional Queenslanders. Check out what we do down here to improve the view of the building's surroundings. Good luck with your show and all the success possible traditionalqueenslanders.com.au/traditional-home-styles/normanby-2/ traditionalqueenslanders.com.au/traditional-home-styles/ascot/
SiccNote Pred 9 dnevi
Man what a journey just watch from part 1 to part 90 in 3 days, you guys deserve all of this you work really hard and the closeness you have with your mum and dad is out of this world, to me it was not just about the build but how you guys bring your family together true love there for sure and really nice to share thanks guys really enjoyed it and keep up the hard work peace out.
michael nnielsen
michael nnielsen Pred 9 dnevi
What’s the name off your toaster
michael nnielsen
michael nnielsen Pred 9 dnevi
Awesome toster
Akanksha Singh
Akanksha Singh Pred 9 dnevi
Plz give us your full house tour after setting up ...plzzzz
n80788 Pred 9 dnevi
Glad to see you ignored that big sign about wearing a face covering in the entrance to Home Depot.
5_point_Go Pred 9 dnevi
Where did the Cherokee come from!?!?
i LOVE the hay puns!
WHAT the FLIPMODE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!? A friggiin' "smart" tOaster??????????????????? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! What a UTERLY USELESS product!!!!!! Pull the screen and use it in building a handheld gaming machine.
John Wynn
John Wynn Pred 11 dnevi
What I wanna know is.....Who gets the house? I know those boys aren't gonna live there together.
Matias Nielsen
Matias Nielsen Pred 11 dnevi
last house video = last goon squad video
gatlin bohannon
gatlin bohannon Pred 11 dnevi
The floating shelves are nice but too thicccc haha I’d shoot for similar thickness to your bar slab
Robbie G
Robbie G Pred 12 dnevi
Defo need a big fish tank in the new house.
Poonam Mhatre
Poonam Mhatre Pred 12 dnevi
Put some model cars on the new shelf
Caleb Hall
Caleb Hall Pred 12 dnevi
Yeah they are
It’s been a Journey I been here since the build of the white lambo
Dhari aldaghri
Dhari aldaghri Pred 12 dnevi
I love you, your friend from Iraq
Street Heat
Street Heat Pred 12 dnevi
It’s like watching “Dude Where’s My Car” dude, dude, dude
denney chavez
denney chavez Pred 12 dnevi
Famous last words “it did start raining on us but it should stop soon” for those who don’t know they live in Tennessee...
Keaton H
Keaton H Pred 12 dnevi
Last house video part 1738 😂
Jose Luis
Jose Luis Pred 12 dnevi
Te quedó chingon 👍🏻
Joseph Green
Joseph Green Pred 12 dnevi
Don't forget to put down flea and tick stuff down on your lawn
William Lally
William Lally Pred 12 dnevi
I hope pops is gonna still be involved in future car videos
makpsv Pred 13 dnevi
06:31 Does anybody have a lighter? 😈
Shujjat Raza
Shujjat Raza Pred 13 dnevi
Finally feed up with these house videos
Sterling Stauffer
Sterling Stauffer Pred 13 dnevi
2000: “a cellular phone with a built in camera!!” 2010: “a car with a built in touchscreen!!” 2021: “a jail broken toaster that you can watch SLtv on
Dillan Hoegger
Dillan Hoegger Pred 13 dnevi
How the pond doing are y'all going to finish it
Ann Kilfeather
Ann Kilfeather Pred 13 dnevi
Is there dad polish or Russian?
Ann Kilfeather
Ann Kilfeather Pred 13 dnevi
He sounded*
GREG LAPOINT Pred 13 dnevi
I have parts for your Raptor Greg @ LaPoint Discount Auto Parts
Joseph Ippolito
Joseph Ippolito Pred 13 dnevi
What is in Penny's Suitcase? Travel time so much fun Time to pack up to spend time in the sun. Camping tents and trekking poles What lives inside these little holes? Prairie dogs as far as the eye can see Ready to scurry away at the sound of a sneeze. Snuggle times and funny times Being a family is all that matters. Have to keep Penny away from the mad hatters. Nature is so still and calm. Oh! Don't forget the lip balm. Tees stand so tall and strong. Wait, I didn't do anything wrong. Mommy and Daddy where did they go? Who is going to massage my little toes?Pain and scar across my head. Wish I was safe inside my little bed. It's time! Throw pennies on the ground in front of the court house, My People! Give this 2year old child Penny Lane Ippolito in D.H.S. Fort Collins Co, a chance to have a normal life with her real family! Flim yourself littering the streets with pennies for Penny bra! ,,,
Leek 2x
Leek 2x Pred 13 dnevi
Rolls Royce Rebuild?
Taylor Harris
Taylor Harris Pred 13 dnevi
$300 on a toaster? you guys are crazy
ElCompaYaquiBarbas Pred 13 dnevi
I need more House content. At least to 100 episodes haha.
Edwin Terrazas
Edwin Terrazas Pred 13 dnevi
Buy a c6 zr1 or z06
Jacob Vanhoozier
Jacob Vanhoozier Pred 13 dnevi
No sir you gotta get the fridge screen
Jake's Variety Channel
19:27 the Minecraft birch slab shelves look clean
Roo H
Roo H Pred 13 dnevi
Thank GOD, so tired of the house videos, please get back to cars!!!
Offensive Mike
Offensive Mike Pred 14 dnevi
Absolutely loved this series Guys! Hopefully see some more house builds in the future! Keep up the great stuff !
Nelson Lovos
Nelson Lovos Pred 14 dnevi
The name of the instrumental @1:35 ?
Jabril Johnson
Jabril Johnson Pred 14 dnevi
Longest series ever made so far.!
Michael Boleware
Michael Boleware Pred 14 dnevi
He said you put the toast in there 😆 lol he didn't say you put bread in lol
Jason Holcomb
Jason Holcomb Pred 14 dnevi
I dare you to stand on the shelf
Aaron watson
Aaron watson Pred 14 dnevi
Finally the end woo hooo back to the cars what I'm actually here for
Sam Jarman
Sam Jarman Pred 14 dnevi
Personally I put bread in my toaster. It goes in as bread and comes out toast.
George Cowan
George Cowan Pred 14 dnevi
Put some model cars on the shelves.
robert law
robert law Pred 14 dnevi
definitely make the raptor a full on trophy truck, you’ll be able to jump it for sure
Rob Pred 14 dnevi
All the trucks are gonna need a full detail after the house build.
Donald Pugh
Donald Pugh Pred 14 dnevi
Haa..Love watching you guys glad the house is coming together..Really miss the cars. You should do a restoration on an old vette or something classic.I have a Vintage Stang. Those vintage Auctions if done right cars bro bring good money sometimes even hundred of thousands of dollars
Rodney Wallace
Rodney Wallace Pred 14 dnevi
That's a $300 toaster, lol.
James Martin
James Martin Pred 14 dnevi
Cant wait to see what the first car build is going to be
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony Pred 14 dnevi
Dude. Dude! Dude!! Dude!!! Sick. Sick! Sick!! Sick!!! Super sick dude. Super sick dude! Super sick dude!! Super sick dude!!! Perfect, awesome, super sick dude. Perfect, awesome, super sick dude! Perfect, awesome, super sick dude!! Perfect, awesome, super sick dude!!! Doood!!!!!
andyy Bradley
andyy Bradley Pred 14 dnevi
Please make this the last house video
gary essary
gary essary Pred 14 dnevi
I think you also first build after the house is finished ought to be a wrecked Big Rig Likee a Peterbuilt or Kenworth.
MANCHAKA ! Pred 14 dnevi
Philip Hepburn
Philip Hepburn Pred 14 dnevi
They do it right !!!
Mr Scratchcard
Mr Scratchcard Pred 14 dnevi
Did you now your sub count goes up to 2.99 million then goes down to 2 million again mat uk
Nick Wil
Nick Wil Pred 14 dnevi
Thank god over the house
Dave Can Smoke it
Dave Can Smoke it Pred 14 dnevi
Bout time it is your car builds I like the most. Proof that you don't need to be a 34 year mechanic like me to rebuild. The house thing is ok but I buy American only way to much money went back to asia...
AppleLife4123 Pred 14 dnevi
9:25 am i the only one who noticed he said "a B**ch" ? 😂 no hate keep up goonz ive been watching since 2017
Donald Mauldin
Donald Mauldin Pred 14 dnevi
No more house content? #bigsad
Garbage Garage
Garbage Garage Pred 14 dnevi
What do you put in a toaster? Not toast
Carl Ramey
Carl Ramey Pred 14 dnevi
I have watched the channel for quite some time now and I love the car builds but some of the carpenter stuff on building the house it kind of makes me cringe although it looks good it's not the way a true Carpenter would do it but congrats on learning and doing it on your own just like you done with the cars always nice to see young brothers getting along and learning new trades you're on top of the world now congrats
J Montano
J Montano Pred 14 dnevi
How much for that Cherokee boys? I’m in TN.
Carlos Garza
Carlos Garza Pred 14 dnevi
Do you all ever wear face mask
joe snyder
joe snyder Pred 14 dnevi
Wow I've always wondered how floating shelf hang, that looks awsome!
Sprebound Pred 14 dnevi
Simeon has a brain aneurysm every time he finishes saying "headquarters."
JoeCubicle Pred 14 dnevi
Put in some toast and select how dark you want your bread to be. I knew what he meant.
mleep Pred 14 dnevi
Thanks for masking up guy! smh...
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Pred 14 dnevi
Vacation vlog tomorrow
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Pred 14 dnevi
300 dollars are you kidding me sorry but I’ll stick to my 10$ one which makes the same thing
ETM Pred 15 dnevi
Your shelves look pretty darn good but I think they would have looked even better if you would have cut the corners at a 45 degree angle but I realize you can't do that and still use the floating shelf brackets. Looks great I enjoyed the video I for one look forward to seeing your new shop going up and then all the epic builds after that.
Jd Jd
Jd Jd Pred 15 dnevi
Thank fuck for that no more shitty house builds get back to the cars
John Silva
John Silva Pred 15 dnevi
I like all these videos are you going to show the shop build then car videos and up date on the house thank you so much
Red Dave
Red Dave Pred 15 dnevi
Talk about pissing your money away. 300 for a toaster. Daft bastards 😂 😂 😂
Mogipbob Pred 15 dnevi
Jailbreak the toaster so that you can watch YT videos on how to make toast.
avec tristesse
avec tristesse Pred 15 dnevi
hello have you thought to put a waterproof coating for the floor next to the sink because your floor will suffer otherwise
Steve Edwards
Steve Edwards Pred 15 dnevi
Thought I’d seen it all, then the $300 toaster makes an appearance.
Tough Times AU.
Tough Times AU. Pred 15 dnevi
How do you guys afford all this stuff.
Tough Times AU.
Tough Times AU. Pred 15 dnevi
You guys are such a great Couple.....🇦🇺
Jim van Ommen
Jim van Ommen Pred 15 dnevi
Nice to ignore to put a mask. The sign on the door was pretty clear...
jim hughes
jim hughes Pred 15 dnevi
Need some really bold oriental rugs now.
Gabriele Gagliostro
Gabriele Gagliostro Pred 15 dnevi
Thank you guys for the 90 episodes ✅ from Italy - see you in your garage for futures repairs 🔝
Need to get to part 100!
krazzy granny
krazzy granny Pred 15 dnevi
ha ha, putting toast IN the toaster
Przemek Pieta
Przemek Pieta Pred 15 dnevi
Hello goonzquad, due to your holidays in mexico, I am really pleased that your finally getting some rest away from the hard work in the headquarters, but I would like to know how long your on holiday because I cant wait for a new vid of yours uploaded on SLtv. Enjoy the rest of your holiday 😁👍
Bernard Tan
Bernard Tan Pred 15 dnevi
smart toaster dang son 😲😲😲😲
Jesse Duba
Jesse Duba Pred 15 dnevi
You guys are living you’re dream love it guys
andrew garcia
andrew garcia Pred 15 dnevi
hey you guys are there coyote's on your property caues here in canada toronto there a lot of coyotes around the city and hugs a problem
Puzzle Magnet
Puzzle Magnet Pred 15 dnevi
ufff I really hope it is the last and we get back to ur amazing car rebuilds, this is getting boring
Bunyod Boymatov
Bunyod Boymatov Pred 15 dnevi
Молодцы ребята не тормозите дальше видосы делайте !а когда время монтировать автомобиль ?
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred 14 dnevi
Goonzquad работают над завершением своего нового коммерческого гаража в центре Чаттануги и уже приобрели первый автомобиль, который собираются перестроить. Этот проект должен начаться в ближайшее время. Следите за видео каждое воскресенье, вторник и четверг, чтобы быть в курсе последних новостей!
UCTHEKiD - Pred 15 dnevi
We need kong
Skiridr22 Pred 15 dnevi
You guys should have put the tv wires in the wall, I have all my wires hidden
New Big Tractor
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