Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 2 

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This build is definitely going to be a sick one!!! We are super excited to finally be back to some auto builds and we plan on making this one super epic. First thing we get started with is a nice clean from the inside to the outside and then it gets torn apart from there. We are hoping to turn this into one of the baddest Ford Raptors ever! Follow along and see how it turns out!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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30. mar. 2021

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jkashai Pred 46 minutami
BLA BLA B LA BLA BLA...... Every day they talk more in their videos, I am a faithful follower but their videos lately are more what they talk than what they work, they are already boring
Trizzy Pred uro
Ford (found on road dead) 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Trizzy Pred uro
The Ford shots tho 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Faris Pred 5 urami
2 episodes for a walk-around!!! WTF GET TO WORK!
Josh Carlisle
Josh Carlisle Pred 8 urami
Save yourself money now and replace the entire rear axle now. It’s bent if it took hard enough hit to shear those pieces . It will cause tire issues quickly
Bailey Butler
Bailey Butler Pred 10 urami
If y'all ever need help getting mopar parts, I work for a mopar dealership in Alabama.
Pyronious520 Pred 18 urami
Seat is trying to ease out of the shot for yall!
My Two Good Hands
My Two Good Hands Pred 22 urami
Wrap in Burnt Autumn from Metro vinyl
ThatboiB Pred dnevom
I see a couple of scratches on the right side window
Shane Hurenkamp
Shane Hurenkamp Pred dnevom
The damage looks like it was caused by hitting a wire rope barrier.
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz Pred dnevom
Wrap the challenger in a holographic chrome
Billy Joya
Billy Joya Pred dnevom
Pops drip was 🔥
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson Pred 2 dnevi
If anyone is wondering, they paid $41,500 (excluding taxes, fees, and shipping).
Ivan Pred 2 dnevi
They do have it in the Mustang Ecoboost but unlike the truck it had a 2.3L twin turbo
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz Pred 2 dnevi
4A is probably 4 auto
Leela channel
Leela channel Pred 2 dnevi
D rizzle
D rizzle Pred 3 dnevi
" a single man owned this truck" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brian moore
Brian moore Pred 3 dnevi
4a means automatic 4 wheel drive
Don C
Don C Pred 3 dnevi
Definitely wrap it! 😁
Don C
Don C Pred 3 dnevi
Chris at American Trucks channel has a great looking, modified raptor they should try to out perform, if they can afford it. Shelby also makes a version.
Peter DAVIDSON Pred 3 dnevi
Ford riviting tool $429 on ebay.
Fred Larracuente
Fred Larracuente Pred 3 dnevi
Fords and specially Raptors come with a pretty decent paint from factory. Durable too. My wife's Fusion sleeps outside since 2012 and still shines like new. A good weekly wash and a montly wax helps too. Great video guys!
James Walnut
James Walnut Pred 4 dnevi
Keep it the same blue Son! Always enjoy your channel
When Needed
When Needed Pred 4 dnevi
WTF, you boys on coke? JFC, slow the hell down.
Scoots Tay
Scoots Tay Pred 4 dnevi
I wonder if it was caught in a highway pile up during the snow in texas
BLU3 Pred 3 dnevi
Probably was seeing the buc-ees toy
larannar123 Pred 4 dnevi
IDK....🙄 I didn't watch much of the house videos,but this truck build just seems like a goofy cartoon...😒 The guys are just clowning around and I just can't take them very seriously....☹️ I watched all thier builds,and this is something they could do blindfolded and hands tied...😒
polo6n1600i Pred 4 dnevi
Raptor looks like it's been parked up & swiped by a truck - pushed to the right and into a lamp post into the rear tray??!!
DemoScottGaming Lounge
Good to see this content back just helping hunt for ya guys I’m not sure how much you spend on parts At the dealer but try getting ready your oem parts from CarID.com They literally have everything from oem parts to after market parts so I’d highly recommend trying that site out
Reese Watson
Reese Watson Pred 4 dnevi
The 4A stands for 4 wheel automatic and kicks on when the computer senses wheel slip and rough spots
Nathan McCarty
Nathan McCarty Pred 4 dnevi
wrap it lime green with the hellcat logo on the back by the rear wheels. ive seen it on a few cars and it looks sweet
luis villegas
luis villegas Pred 4 dnevi
Nice car videos are back and quick question when would u guys plan on doing the Audi for your sister would be a awesome build
fryrear technology
fryrear technology Pred 4 dnevi
In 2066 seeing that kit in will increase the value of the truck $45,000 extra and be required for the Concours d'Elegance
GamingWith LilMook
GamingWith LilMook Pred 4 dnevi
Keep it black
NoonyTunes TM
NoonyTunes TM Pred 4 dnevi
Clay gray is a really nice color
austin eller
austin eller Pred 4 dnevi
They have turbo problems. Also borla makes a awesome exhaust system for them. I know alot about these trucks. A lift kit will cost you 10 k or more leave the suspension alone
dallyson ricardo
dallyson ricardo Pred 4 dnevi
Jeremiah Lopez
Jeremiah Lopez Pred 5 dnevi
4 Auto Unlike most normal trucks, which feature a 4WD mode that locks both axles together, the Raptor's "4 Auto" mode uses a wet multi-plate clutch to distribute power between the front and rear axles as traction demands, just like an all-wheel drive system. ... So in essence, the Raptor features both 4WD and AWD
raul franco araujo
raul franco araujo Pred 5 dnevi
Congratulations on the reconstructions, watch all your videos and stay here admiring your work, too bad that in Brazil we don't have as many cars as yours, very cool.
A&WP 290
A&WP 290 Pred 5 dnevi
I have always wanted to upgrade turbo in my mom 2017 ford explorer but I don't want to ruin the warranty
Jonas K.
Jonas K. Pred 5 dnevi
Metallic Red?
Wian Erasmus
Wian Erasmus Pred 5 dnevi
you actually get mustangs that runs with the v6 twin turbo
marco moorthaemer
marco moorthaemer Pred 5 dnevi
Simon. CAM 🤪
VxT_ trxp
VxT_ trxp Pred 5 dnevi
no one: karens: where's your mask
johset ruiz
johset ruiz Pred 5 dnevi
the 4A is for AWD.
Gabriel Lemos
Gabriel Lemos Pred 5 dnevi
That viper is sick
Brandon Stockton
Brandon Stockton Pred 5 dnevi
4A is basically AWD
Dylan Harbinson
Dylan Harbinson Pred 5 dnevi
Wrap the hellcat in a Red, White and Blue Harley Quinn theme like What VW did 🤘🏼🤘🏼
Joseph Berry
Joseph Berry Pred 5 dnevi
4 a is 4x4 auto its like the cars in two-wheel drive till the car says its needed
Joe Gil
Joe Gil Pred 5 dnevi
Hi Goonzquad, good day and thanks for reading my message. I wanted to know how I can reach out to you guys via email. I am currently based in the Philippines and I am a big fan of your videos. I used to live in Los Angeles and I work on JDM cars and I used to race as well. I was just wondering If I can connect with you guys via email regarding a parts app that My brother, and friend are creating. They are still based in Los Angeles but I was wondering if we can talk more. You can definitely send me an email or if I can get you guys email so that we can talk more. Thanks
funfunplay roblox
funfunplay roblox Pred 6 dnevi
Jerry Kaydan
Jerry Kaydan Pred 6 dnevi
Man they talk a lot.. nothing got done In this video
Ross R
Ross R Pred 6 dnevi
I can't wait to see how this turns out boys. I'm really excited!
John Chuck
John Chuck Pred 6 dnevi
Pops was lookin mighty spiffy
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson Pred 6 dnevi
You guys should restore a classic!
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Pred 6 dnevi
What happened to the 370z???
Eddie Martinez
Eddie Martinez Pred 6 dnevi
4 auto 😉
Ilya Golovey
Ilya Golovey Pred 6 dnevi
They need to sell some cars
Delia Banda
Delia Banda Pred 6 dnevi
Kamal Jeddi
Kamal Jeddi Pred 6 dnevi
Boys you should check out Salomondrin's Raptor S. Tge interior is insane there's a ton of details. All the plastics are painted, there more carbon and the roof is a little special.
Paul Newman
Paul Newman Pred 6 dnevi
Now that the bed is damaged I would love if goonzquad could custom something and make up the wasted space inside those panels like Dodge RAMs. There’s o much space in there for stuff
Xenon Play House
Xenon Play House Pred 6 dnevi
Can you put the raptor rtx front on this truck. Think it would look epic .
M M Pred 6 dnevi
Shouldn't need to get a new truck box, u can buy box sides, drill spot welds and weld it back in
MALIK MALIK02 Pred 6 dnevi
Bro make video you change all fluid car brake, trainmision maintain, coolant, engine and others
Darin Wilton
Darin Wilton Pred 6 dnevi
worst rebuild videos i've ever seen. you cleaned it, got a door working a little better... all talk with nothing really getting done in 2 videos. sad
Brandon Mitchell
Brandon Mitchell Pred 7 dnevi
The way he said Oh My Goodness turn that thing back off at 10:25 was priceless 🤣. Exhaust sound was not to his liking.
Take Down
Take Down Pred 7 dnevi
Great video as always BUT DUDE. Thought not possible put anymore dudes in a single video but DUDE must have been triple figures DUDE 🤔😳😬😂
BucsTB12 Pred 7 dnevi
they are sp happy to be working on cars again lol
armando cota felix
armando cota felix Pred 7 dnevi
Hacen un excelente trabajo saludos desde ahome sinaloa México Armando Cota felix
Dusty Van Brocklin
Dusty Van Brocklin Pred 7 dnevi
They already put that engine in a car. It’s in the Taurus SHO.
SeargantG Pred 7 dnevi
What is the brand of foam soap you use on your pressure washer?
DGREY_292 Pred 7 dnevi
destroyer grey on the hellcat would be sick
Mavericks 1130
Mavericks 1130 Pred 7 dnevi
Plum crazy
Jared Cooper
Jared Cooper Pred 7 dnevi
X3? Did it get put on the back burner?
Dhari aldaghri
Dhari aldaghri Pred 7 dnevi
Connor Schweikert
Connor Schweikert Pred 7 dnevi
You guys need to put a demon hood on the hellcat
Connor Schweikert
Connor Schweikert Pred 7 dnevi
How much for the hellcat ?
Brian A
Brian A Pred 7 dnevi
Pops looking like he is on the way to the club
Brian A
Brian A Pred 7 dnevi
Neighbors are probably like dang I thought these kids moved out
Mihai Edward
Mihai Edward Pred 7 dnevi
Paint it redddd
Josh Oh my Gosh
Josh Oh my Gosh Pred 7 dnevi
Dude Count: 99999999999
Charles Eballa
Charles Eballa Pred 7 dnevi
Cute dog 🐕
Gary Mahoney
Gary Mahoney Pred 7 dnevi
How much for you hellcat srt
krankey. Pred 7 dnevi
hate to tell you boys but 3.5s are hard to make sound good. best i’ve personally played with was a dual 4inch diameter pipe all the way down so you get a girthy ignorant sound with those turbos spooling. so STRAIGHT PIPE WITH 4INCH DIAMETER PIPE
Tanner Scanlan
Tanner Scanlan Pred 7 dnevi
Y’all are either mad happy to be doing this or trying to hard, been watching for what feels like years but boys this felt unnatural
Typical Hayden
Typical Hayden Pred 7 dnevi
My dad has a f:150 and it was made in 2001 and he as 400000 miles on it
donny poetranto
donny poetranto Pred 7 dnevi
Part 3 .ok
donny poetranto
donny poetranto Pred 7 dnevi
Part 4 sir ...ok
Zhion Munnings
Zhion Munnings Pred 8 dnevi
Do a flatbed raptor
Galivinn US-EH
Galivinn US-EH Pred 8 dnevi
@28:30 TLC stands for tender loving care.
Charles Lashbrook
Charles Lashbrook Pred 8 dnevi
J F97
J F97 Pred 8 dnevi
4a = 4 Auto, will turn on when you lose traction, those ecoboost engines are the furthest thing from reliable as well.
Jay Barrera
Jay Barrera Pred 8 dnevi
you guys should look into turning the challenger into a superbird change the color to that original blue
G. Bill
G. Bill Pred 8 dnevi
Yes! Widebody Challenger!
Anonymous Pred 8 dnevi
Yeahh dudee yeah mann
Keith’s Kustoms
Keith’s Kustoms Pred 8 dnevi
Dudes, you don’t haul stuff with a Raptor, that is a off road racing truck. Hauling capacity isn’t as much as regular F150, because of the softer sport/off road suspension.
Who else would have loved to watch them rebuild streetspeed717s TRX
philr34 Pred 8 dnevi
PLUM CRAZY for the challenger !
Defiled Pred 8 dnevi
4A (4X4 AUTO) - Provides electronic controlled four-wheel drive with power delivered to the front and rear wheels, as required, for increased traction. 4A tuning varies based on the selected Drive Mode. 4A in Normal and Sport is appropriate for all on-road driving conditions, including, dry road surfaces.
Egzon Berisha
Egzon Berisha Pred 8 dnevi
they talk like cowboys but i love their videos
Alex Malaison
Alex Malaison Pred 8 dnevi
Finish the TA
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