The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 68 

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The interior of this house is starting to take shape!!! This house has completely transformed and we are finally closing in on the entire project! We have been working for months and now the work is starting to pay off. All we have left is a few more finishing touches then were moving back outside for landscaping. Before you know it this entire house will be finished and its gonna be epic! Thanks For Watching!!!
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2. feb. 2021

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Tayden Whitaker
Tayden Whitaker Pred 14 dnevi
Am I the only one that missed them putting in the counter top and the package they were talking about?
Tom Aiger
Tom Aiger Pred 19 dnevi
check out this nice thumb down for the merch ad! dont "support" millionaires
Fernando Aguero
Fernando Aguero Pred 19 dnevi
Can't you help me to find that smart outlet plz
ZACHARY KEITH Pred 24 dnevi
Hey just to let you guys know you guys might want to put a pan that is a bigger circumference than the hot water heater under the hot water heater so that if the hot water heater leaks at any point it won't hurt the drywall or studs as bad
qazi bilal
qazi bilal Pred 27 dnevi
At this point these people now need to sponsor you’re vids
Ed Win
Ed Win Pred mesecem
Guys, if you build a smarthouse, use the Google Nest Fire / Smoke and CO2 detectors, they are awesome and 1 detector do all of these things. They operate on your electric system, they alert, do monthly self tests automatic and have build in Led Light that will detect you when you walk around in your house in the night!! Safety First!
Ayush Sundar
Ayush Sundar Pred mesecem
8:45 well its 10:00 when I'm watching this so like wtf???????
Ayush Sundar
Ayush Sundar Pred mesecem
10:00 o'clock
C Cheng
C Cheng Pred mesecem
In a bedroom at night Boyfriend name Alex Girl keep saying his name Alexa keep answering: yes yes yes
JR Auto
JR Auto Pred mesecem
Keep up the good work guys. 😎👍
Gary Ugarek
Gary Ugarek Pred mesecem
I think you guys do amazing work and have great drive to get things done, but those gold faucets... ewwww.... trump does that stuff on his properties and it is hideous. Should have went with Oil Rubbed bronze
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras Pred mesecem
Crazy how far the house has come! Looks awesome!
mikemckelvie Pred mesecem
Good to see the masks back on!
Ian Tomlinson
Ian Tomlinson Pred mesecem
Great to see Mum and Dad helping and having fun. Miss being able to hug my parents, but looking forward to when I can do that again. Best wishes, Ian from Scotland.
UNITEDSCUM Pred 2 meseci
That back splash is legit!
UPbuild Pred 2 meseci
Tiles look great guys 👍👍
Gene Cotton
Gene Cotton Pred 2 meseci
Barn doors for a bathroom means you'll hear EVERYTHING.
Lhey Motovlog
Lhey Motovlog Pred 2 meseci
When Billy caught his Brother eating Fudge Marsmallow and both stop laughing too much on the camera😁.,I Love the Family teamwork.
R. Pred 2 meseci
Why are the clothes always so limited?
Casper Reus
Casper Reus Pred 2 meseci
Who else heard a scream at 12:30
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan Pred 2 meseci
The gold isnt my style i like brushed bronze in my house . The gold disco ball is something else . Is this real life 🧐😂
Xbox_Nissan_Guy Pred 2 meseci
When ya'll going to upload in 4k??
guywittamic Pred 2 meseci
Ahh, man....was hoping you'd get an on-demand water heater. MUCH more efficient! :)
Jay Pred 2 meseci
Surprised y'all didn't go with a tankless water heater. That 40gal is awfully small.
Cisco Mkd
Cisco Mkd Pred 2 meseci
Thats a bit too much gold in that house. I was hoping you will get glass backsplash panels.
scottreynolds83 reynolds
what was the soup it looks realy good
Marci Wilson
Marci Wilson Pred 2 meseci
I wanna know what moms cooking! Have her do recipes 😀
CAR CRASHES Pred 2 meseci
I share car and truck accidents on my channel. Those who wonder, come to my channel.
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia Pred 2 meseci
You guys are awesome 😎. Best of luck on future projects. 🍀🙏🏽
S Sgsportbit
S Sgsportbit Pred 2 meseci
20:21 That was cool
Ruben Melo
Ruben Melo Pred 2 meseci
Get a combi boiler, it's a water heater and boiler in one, it will fit perfectly in the small closet and it can be tied to your HVAC system
foxrace0985 Pred 2 meseci
why didn't ya'll get one of those on demand water heaters?? As far as the gold backsplash, that didn't add house value. If you sold it anyone would replace that right away.. I like the build, but sorry, the gold is not at all modern.. But if ya'll like it then its your house.
Mario Benitez
Mario Benitez Pred 2 meseci
They should’ve put a full granite backsplash on the kitchen
Gabriel Noriega
Gabriel Noriega Pred 2 meseci
You can run spouts water to the pond
Jim Sullivan
Jim Sullivan Pred 2 meseci
sorry guys, just noticed the slider covers the lights switches.
FireUSAR Pred 2 meseci
Guys lets stick with the smart home program and go with the Google/Nest smoke alarm/CO detectors!
Justin Dennis
Justin Dennis Pred 2 meseci
Hey @goonzquad #goonzquad If I was you I’d get a bigger hot water tank, I’m currently living in an apartment and their hot water tanks are 30gallons. If ur taking a shower hot water goes away in 10min and nobody else can take a shower for 30min-hour. This also mean no washing dishes and such, it doesn’t even have enough hot water to fill up a bathtub to take a bath.... my family are moving out when lease is up to rent a house and the first thing I’m looking for is a big water heater. Lol.
Ethan Howard
Ethan Howard Pred 2 meseci
So when can I come over for some of your mom's cooking
Anthony Hayden
Anthony Hayden Pred 2 meseci
Surprised they didn't get smart smoke alarms.
Skatersesh10 Pred 2 meseci
You guys need a pan for the water heater
Skatersesh10 Pred 2 meseci
You guys should have the electricians make an adapter to hook up a generator for the whole house in case of a power outage.
Clive Burt
Clive Burt Pred 2 meseci
40 gallon water heater is a mistake. Tankless is the only way to go
Barbara Storey
Barbara Storey Pred 2 meseci
I like your music ,and you guys are fun to watch too
DanishSummerKing Pred 2 meseci
Looks good, nice to see you guys advance and getting more and more skills! Remember to use the masks corretly at stores for your and others protection ;)
Frederick Fitzwilliam
Frederick Fitzwilliam Pred 2 meseci
Anyone know the model of that alexa switch they put in?
MegaDirtyberty Pred 2 meseci
You're velcome even if you do wear face diapers.
Jessediah1973 Pred 2 meseci
You should have gotten the Nest smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The tie in nicely with the Nest thermostat.
Rooney Tunes
Rooney Tunes Pred 2 meseci
Your Ma and Pa are just too cute!😍😍 Love seeing them on the channel
Anarchy Games
Anarchy Games Pred 2 meseci
You should do a metal roof over the shingles
Hendrik du Plooy
Hendrik du Plooy Pred 2 meseci
I'm not sure how many more of this home renovation episodes I can handle before unsubscribing.
Cristian Stefan Dorojan
Barn door idea: sltv.info/label/nZd6vLilbYSyqoA/video
Cole's Law
Cole's Law Pred 2 meseci
beautiful house!
Frosty Pred 2 meseci
Am i the only one triggered by the fact that most of the times they don't wear masks and if they wear masks it literally does nothing.
Ariel Barreto
Ariel Barreto Pred 2 meseci
when are you going to start working on cars again?
Roger Cee
Roger Cee Pred 2 meseci
I think ya' better let Mom take over the interior design. Ya' pimped the kitchen and added a corona chandelier
Kevin Halliday
Kevin Halliday Pred 2 meseci
Yous definitely over paid in those backsplash
Kusuma Wijaya
Kusuma Wijaya Pred 2 meseci
my concern to youtube home page, why just video from my region indonesia that shown.. i miss goonzquad, wranglerstar, dude perfect, etc youtuber from all around the world.. need like experience like 2015 or earlier that rich of all around content from the world.. kinda boring watch talk show in local region youtube,, need some new.. apologize commet this, just want say it
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies Pred 2 meseci
An electric reservoir water heater? The least energy efficient way to heat water. Screw the environment
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies Pred 2 meseci
FYI in some countries its actually illegal to install and electric reservoir heater on new construction. Its gas, solar or on-demand hot water only. I love my solar system. Saves hundreds of dollars a year
Dean Cavander
Dean Cavander Pred 2 meseci
I thought those tiles are for the bathroom flooring. I didn't know those were backsplash.
Michael Miller
Michael Miller Pred 2 meseci
I love how you guys are so family oriented. Me and my family are the same way. We are thinking about starting a family Chanel. I have twin three year olds the day and the life of.... any pointers or tips we could use and great appreciate it
Richard Ford
Richard Ford Pred 2 meseci
Great job job so far boys, good to see Pops and Mum happy . And don't forget to seal and paint top and bottom of doors against moisture. Cheers from Australia
shooter23231 Pred 2 meseci
Need sum grip tape on them stairs
TheDean78 Pred 2 meseci
Why not get heat in there for the first thing ?
WAP CUSTOMS Pred 2 meseci
If you guys wanted a smart water heater you should have went with the tankless water heater that’s the smartest and nicest water heater on the market just proving a true fact 😏👍
Flabio Rivas 69
Flabio Rivas 69 Pred 2 meseci
Badass 🇲🇽💯
michael trueblood
michael trueblood Pred 2 meseci
Everytime you say alexa mine goes crazy 🙃. Thanks for the awesome content though guys.
AM Sounds Motorworks
AM Sounds Motorworks Pred 2 meseci
Shut,, I am like Pops! Where the goooood Smelling Food at?! Love it when your parents in the videos! I am their age and Over Fifty you enjoy a good Meal! ja ja ja ja ja
SPASPAWIZ Pred 2 meseci
Yes!! Dimmers on the lights are the go. One of the best things a house can have! Voice controlled too, that’s great!
t rob
t rob Pred 2 meseci
put a catch tub? under the water heater
t rob
t rob Pred 2 meseci
use a tankless water heater house looking great
MrBadboy00001 Pred 2 meseci
tankless water heaters are good heat what you use
MI7 Pred 2 meseci
9:18 :(
Rob Pred 2 meseci
Get a tankless/ insta water heater. Also the gold backslash will be a lot going on, keep it simple and maybe just subway tile and accent the grout the color of the viens in your countertops.
Dathrasher Pred 2 meseci
No such thing as overpaying if it’s your vision
Abdul Mardan
Abdul Mardan Pred 2 meseci
Sooooo who's getting the master bedroom?🤔😂
Frank Esposito
Frank Esposito Pred 2 meseci
Do the floors last!
Deligne275 gaming
Deligne275 gaming Pred 2 meseci
You should have done the in wall vacumn cleaner
dawson1220 Pred 2 meseci
Are you required to mount your water heater on a stand? [Like 18" high stand] Why didn't y'all go with an instant hot water device instead of the "traditional" type of water heater?
Dragan Zeta
Dragan Zeta Pred 2 meseci
Frank Buck
Frank Buck Pred 2 meseci
You need to put bump stops on the bottom of the barn door as well.
Justin McMillan
Justin McMillan Pred 2 meseci
You guys should have all the irrigation piping run down to the pond so it fills it up when it rains
Jesse Gonzales
Jesse Gonzales Pred 2 meseci
As soon as you picked that back splash up I was like Dannnng that’s gunna look good. Who cares about price as long as you like it that’s all that matters
JUAN Pred 2 meseci
7:08 a line of cocaine
Dennis Hansen
Dennis Hansen Pred 2 meseci
The “He Home Depot” again 😆
Gary O
Gary O Pred 2 meseci
The mom is the real MVP!!
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Pred 2 meseci
20:39 Your dad wanted to get in that hot water tank box so bad lmao
Alex P
Alex P Pred 2 meseci
11:04 What about the electrical socket on the bottom, wouldn’t the sliding door hit whatever is connected there every time? Either way everything looks great!!!!!
Gerrit bartus van Stroe
hey bro you have a probl on 11:15 the door roll next about the power on the wall if you use the power and the door get open oooeeei that not good
Nikki Pred 2 meseci
You guys are awesome
Richie Rich VLOGS
Richie Rich VLOGS Pred 2 meseci
Tiles look awesome guys but yeah you over paid.
Decky Bell
Decky Bell Pred 2 meseci
The switch position behind the sliding door may need repositioned as you won’t be able to use it when the door is open... just an observation
Justin Marshall
Justin Marshall Pred 2 meseci
Been watching for months and I still do not know who is who
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred 2 meseci
@Justin Marshall 😁
Justin Marshall
Justin Marshall Pred 2 meseci
@John Stedman Ahh much appreciated! Now I can finally watch knowing who is who. Thank you
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred 2 meseci
Simeon is the younger dude and is usually behind the camera. Eleazar (sometimes nicknamed 'Billy') is his older married brother. Mom is Lyudmilla and Pops is Yury. The family has its roots in Ukraine.
MeltDown Pred 2 meseci
self clining water heater LUL how?
killachief187 Pred 2 meseci
I wish my house renovation moved this fast, the magic of SLtv. The house looks amazing great job 👏 hard working boys
Anthony Harper
Anthony Harper Pred 2 meseci
Use a router not a skill saw to do the groove in the bottom of the door..!! Also you need to not plough all the way through, you’re supposed to stop so you can’t see that hole in the door when it’s open
stan sheldon
stan sheldon Pred 2 meseci
It doesn't matter what we think about the back splash, important thing is what does Billy's wife think. Remember happy wife, happy life. Great job guys.
mike Pred 2 meseci
I hope u do a price breakdown and get it valued like u would for a car build
Timothy Abraham
Timothy Abraham Pred 2 meseci
Oh crap ! Simon bring the viper !!!
Timothy Abraham
Timothy Abraham Pred 2 meseci
Yo guys, u gotta hook ur mom and pops up !! Valintines day is next week ! Mom and pop in the lambo(or ferrari), billy and his mrs. in the other pasta rocket and simon(with his date) in the trackhawk ?? yall show up at a restaurant (make a lap around), then go inside.. people gonna gawk and wonder who these "ballers" are ! Hahaha. ps. Yall might have to help ur mom and pops get out of the cars (sit'n low)?? ✌Peace
DJ B4EY Pred 2 meseci
What kind of switch was that you all had with Alexa?
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan Pred 2 meseci
I wouldn’t have spent that much on the backsplash, cause that isn’t going to bring the value of the home up like u think it’s going to and why didn’t u guys just buy an on demand water heater? They work sooooooo much better then those tank heaters and that tank u guys bought is small as hell lol!! That 40 gallons will be gone if u run the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time lol! House is looking damn good though fellas!!! And does anyone remember which episode Simon was talking about the berries that they were going to eat and then he said dingle berries? I was wanting to show my brother that episode!!
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