The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 67 

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Today was an exceedingly productive day!!! We had the entire electric crew out here and they meant business. With all the sockets and receptacles installed there is very little left for them to do. We also dug the last of the trenches and we're ready for the big power cord to be dropped!!! Cant wait for this to be over! Thanks For Watching!!!
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28. jan. 2021

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Kyle Hummerstone
Kyle Hummerstone Pred mesecem
You guys should get solar on the house
FuriousFati Pred mesecem
9:00 That ceiling light look like Covid-19 🤔
Felipe Barbosa
Felipe Barbosa Pred mesecem
Oh my God. I am 3 weeks without watching Goonzquad. How is that even possible. Time to catch up.
JR Auto
JR Auto Pred mesecem
At 3:32 that was so funny 😂🤣🤣
Vernon Kirton
Vernon Kirton Pred 2 meseci
Thumbnail said “city approved!”🤔? Thought you had to reschedule him for tomorrow? Uh’Oh... #jinksyourself 😬😉
Indside the Cockpit
Indside the Cockpit Pred 2 meseci
Guys, solar power is real good now - not that flimsy bs it was years ago...or maby Denmark is just ages ahead 😆 you could save a ton of $$$ guys.
myke collins
myke collins Pred 2 meseci
Elongated toilets are the best. Theres room for your junk to fit...😅
Rob Pred 2 meseci
Uhhhh...let's see how did them plumbing pipes get broken? I can not think of anything but a landslide! That may be why the pipe had a turn in it, the land moved here and there. Stand at the turn and squint, you may see the part that moved. I am guessing. Semi run over them?
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock Pred 2 meseci
Haha love it how you was spying and getting ideas man you guys crack me up haha that’s super awesome loved more pipe laying very interesting and you made me laugh when you said it will be launching something else 😉 amazing
Rob M
Rob M Pred 2 meseci
Now install STARLINK!!!!!
Jeff J Shrum
Jeff J Shrum Pred 2 meseci
Should t sewer line be sitting on a flat layer of gravel for a stable base, then be inspected b4 covered up?
Alan Hauch
Alan Hauch Pred 2 meseci
Please do another 100 videos on your driveway and another 100 videos on landscape and watch the video count go down to zero. You’re loosing viewership with every episode of headquarters build dragging out lol
Jeffrey Salzman
Jeffrey Salzman Pred 2 meseci
Dude says dude a lot :)
Juan Alberto
Juan Alberto Pred 2 meseci
What if you wrapped the toilets with gold vinyl ????
Llama Cebu
Llama Cebu Pred 2 meseci
To you young electricians where boots with a good rubber over a plain jane tennis shoe. It will literally save your life
Anthony Spinelli
Anthony Spinelli Pred 2 meseci
You guys are going to have a problem with that sewer line...you have :"belly's" in that pipe. You also should've used sweeps instead of 90's, and that "clean out" shouldn't be under ground. If I lived near you guys, I would of came over and helped you with all of that.
Music is Life
Music is Life Pred mesecem
As well as I didn see any plannnig on the required 1% drop for the sewer.. It'll clock one day.
Alex Downard
Alex Downard Pred 2 meseci
There’s quite a few different things they’re going to have future problems with including what their “Electricians” did.
Joe A
Joe A Pred 2 meseci
That light fixture looks like some old space satellite...😅
Howard Meyers
Howard Meyers Pred 2 meseci
When is video #68 coming to be posted
Chris Rawle
Chris Rawle Pred 2 meseci
Can you give an indication when or if you will return to being a car channel?
Paddy Mc Erlain
Paddy Mc Erlain Pred 2 meseci
I would have installed a fall on the grade for sewer lines to avoid clogging . And a manhole for ease inspection and cleaning
Nelson Acosta
Nelson Acosta Pred 2 meseci
Is the slope correct on those pipes...?
Amy Baumgardner Corbett
The Sputnik is awesome!! I have a original one from 1960. Absolutely love them!!
PAK PAK Pred 2 meseci
Hope they angled those septic lines, hate to be the guy cleaning them out with all the solids that build up before they enter the septic tank. Just seems like a long run. Hope they put clean out traps out there.
Bradley Roberts
Bradley Roberts Pred 2 meseci
Can you just call it Billy's house? Once it's completed we'll never see it again just like the puppy that got it's ears clipped. This was interesting series but let's move on to the new shop.
Wayne johnson
Wayne johnson Pred 2 meseci
Has a man you want the elongated toilet!!! Think about it
Tech Tipps
Tech Tipps Pred 2 meseci
You have to wear the mask over your nose, otherwise it is useless! Please be careful with the Virus, I want you to stay healthy and keep on doing those beautiful projects 🥰
Ethan Brockman
Ethan Brockman Pred 2 meseci
Helicopter update?
David Armijo
David Armijo Pred 2 meseci
Does it just look like they are priming and dry fitting these pipes? It doesn't look like they are actually gluing them together
Eric Knight
Eric Knight Pred 2 meseci
You forsure want to just run all new septic stuff while it's clean...
Eric Knight
Eric Knight Pred 2 meseci
way ahead of me
Chuck abbate
Chuck abbate Pred 2 meseci
Does anyone else think that light fixture looks like something from the 1950's ?????
crzysecmandude Pred 2 meseci
EX - EX - EXCAVATOR..... Not Escavater.
After Palos
After Palos Pred 2 meseci
Lets go guys its coming I can't wait for upload lol NEW channel plz SUB First 1k
Eddy D
Eddy D Pred 2 meseci
I love when you both say Dang Son 😆. Living in the West Coast I never hear people say that but I love it
Eddy D
Eddy D Pred 2 meseci
I love your Projects but your personality and how you edit your videos is what draws me into your channel
Eddy D
Eddy D Pred 2 meseci
The gold chandelier looks like the Russian satellite Sputnik.
Bando Pred 2 meseci
Leave the bathrooms to the professionals! You will regret it if you do it yourself.
Edward Kotter
Edward Kotter Pred 2 meseci
Your house is coming together And you're almost finished with it good job
Edward Kotter
Edward Kotter Pred 2 meseci
That way you'll have a new everything When they build his new slab yard new put a new fence Or nobody can climb over it
Edward Kotter
Edward Kotter Pred 2 meseci
That way you can build a new fence nobody was still your equipment Are kools Okay
Edward Kotter
Edward Kotter Pred 2 meseci
When you build your new shop you need to put up a new fence to Any of put up a wooden fence That way nobody can climb over it Get to your cars or Equipment
mrharleyguy2u Pred 2 meseci
take those outlets out and use the screw holders. The backstab's are terrible.
Flabio Rivas 69
Flabio Rivas 69 Pred 2 meseci
Badass 🇲🇽💯
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones Pred 2 meseci
Kohler fixtures and Bowls boyz.
Subarukevxt Pred 2 meseci
I have been using Kholer Cimarron elongated toilets since 2009 and never an issue, comfort height also.
Brenden Baffoe-Wallis
Brenden Baffoe-Wallis Pred 2 meseci
Who else thinks the sun stickers on the windows are a bit annoying now?
austin christensen
austin christensen Pred 2 meseci
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras Pred 2 meseci
Amazing work guys!!!
Tony Kelsey
Tony Kelsey Pred 2 meseci
You Boys are going right at it we watch you a lot keep it up right on from Newfoundland Canada Jan 31/21
THATSMYNAME Pred 2 meseci
Were get light from Russia 😁
Karl Walton
Karl Walton Pred 2 meseci
Dude. Sputnik!,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!! Is the CCCR in the house.
buggy1971 Pred 2 meseci
I love seeing pops in the videos! I wish we knew more about the man that made such talented young men!
Parvathy 6th_glorious
Parvathy 6th_glorious Pred 2 meseci
1:51 - you've got puffy Chris Pratt there...
Jonathan Box
Jonathan Box Pred 2 meseci
FYI ... You're IQ level is too high to work at Taco B*ll.
kuya Ron
kuya Ron Pred 2 meseci
What happen to the car builders???house builders?
Alecxandro Picerni
Alecxandro Picerni Pred 2 meseci
hi guys, how are you? you will automate the house with Alexa or. Google Nest mini?
chris ogle
chris ogle Pred 2 meseci
Miss coming here and watching you guys rebuild cars... 😥
woolfysdad Pred 2 meseci
12 x 60w light globes will warm your house on their own, LED's are the way boyz, last much longer and use a fraction of the power. Ikea do some good retro style globes at a decent price.
Michael Titchenal
Michael Titchenal Pred 2 meseci
Tired of the house videos. If I want to watch a house reno I would go watch HGTV. Hopefully, you guys will get back to cars sometime soon.
Lion Heart
Lion Heart Pred 2 meseci
This is amazing to watch. Tearing all those pipes apart and install new pipes.
Mustang 3.0
Mustang 3.0 Pred 2 meseci
I feel like I'm in someone's house in India with all this gold hardware.
Dave Sandford
Dave Sandford Pred 2 meseci
I know who billy is, but what’s the other lads name?
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred 2 meseci
'Billy' is a just a nickname, and his actual given name is Eleazar. He is the eldest of the Goonzquad brothers, and is married. His younger brother is Simeon. These names reflect the Ukrainian roots of their family. They are around 26 and 24 years of age respectively.
Sammy Madden
Sammy Madden Pred 2 meseci
It would be kinda of cool if you guys did some mods to the Dually after the house is finished. Like maybe 6 inch lift 38s??👀
James Ferguson
James Ferguson Pred 2 meseci
Should’ve bought kohler
Daniel Fluty
Daniel Fluty Pred 2 meseci
12 incandescent bulbs at 60W is 720 watts to power one fixture. $$
1961fireguy Pred 2 meseci
Flow some water through the cleanouts and go make sure you have good flow all the way to the septic tank. Also I suggest you add a clean out T turned the opposite way so you can clean out with a sewer snake in either direction.
Steve Osteen
Steve Osteen Pred 2 meseci
That sharp 90 Ninty degree in sewer line needs to be replaced with a sweeping Nintey you will regret it if you don't.
Dee t
Dee t Pred 2 meseci
5 months to get the house finished... geesh you guys move like turtles... smh.... talk about milking the youtube views
Zachary Prosper
Zachary Prosper Pred 2 meseci
That light looks bad ass with those new bulbs 💡
Zachary Prosper
Zachary Prosper Pred 2 meseci
You know what I'm so excited and proud of you boys 👦
Allergic To Liberalism
Nice chandelier but I don’t dig that gold color.
benazzi84 Pred 2 meseci
you should always install light globes or (bulbs) with gloves on so you dont leave oils from your skin on the glass which can blow them prematurely
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred 2 meseci
This depends on the type of bulb. Those that run hot, such as Tungsten, Halogen, HID and Xenon should never be touched, and must only be handled with gloved hands. However, LED, Fluorescent and Neon run at relatively low temperatures, and these can be (carefully) handled with bare hands.
Andy San Diego
Andy San Diego Pred 2 meseci
I only watch now and then now. They should have bought some extra bulbs.
Faissal Ouchen
Faissal Ouchen Pred 2 meseci
Hanging toilets plieger geberrit Dutch company’s
Peter Hladky
Peter Hladky Pred 2 meseci
I've said it before and I'll say it again, your parents must be so proud of you boys!
SammyFIN Pred 2 meseci
Daaaaang sons, 12 times 60 watt lamps... that's 720 watts for just that one light fixture... it's like having a microwave oven running on full power everytime you turn on the lights... it will get pretty expensive... LEDs probably don't look as good, but they're like max 10w per lamp so only max 120w, I guess 6w LEDs are well enough since there's 12 of them... but daaaaamn 60 watts x 12 just for one lamp, that's gonna spin your electicity bill...
Ego adiuvabo te
Ego adiuvabo te Pred 2 meseci
okay......but whats the big news???
Rob Eaton
Rob Eaton Pred 2 meseci
Good effort lads, wish i had your bank balance
austin oleary
austin oleary Pred 2 meseci
so I just got my new goon squad hoodie today and I'm 9 years old and it's an extra small it does not fit goonzqaud get your hoodies smaller its not just men watching its kids I love the vids but plz get the hoodies smaller plz
Jon Ezboy
Jon Ezboy Pred 2 meseci
Been going back and watching and I just realized where has chief been? Anyone know?
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred 2 meseci
The Doberman Pinscher puppy named 'Chief' no longer appears on the channel and is now living elsewhere. His Agent was unavailable for comment, but it is likely that the canine star and Goonzquad could not reach agreement on the increase in fees that would be payable for the new season. Dobermans are notoriously shrewd negotiators, but in this case he may have bitten off more than he can chew.
short vidz
short vidz Pred 2 meseci
In my country the city don't approve of anything whatever you do is your own business😂
sailormoonhavyn saliormoon Delaney
Im really ready for you to get back to working on cars
Patriot Reno
Patriot Reno Pred 2 meseci
Shubham Yadav
Shubham Yadav Pred 2 meseci
Guys I just wish we could see more of your father giving you guys tips in this house build videos. As I am pretty sure he is doing plenty of stuff in the background. It’s all about team work and his experience is definitely valuable for you guys.
Matt Brown
Matt Brown Pred 2 meseci
Now you guys are doing my job hahahah
Jose Rodríguez
Jose Rodríguez Pred 2 meseci
Dam 🦫 that ending ! I can’t wait for the next video !
Jay Are
Jay Are Pred 2 meseci
You guys need to head to Copart and get that 2021 Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye
plumber802 Pred 2 meseci
Sorry guys but your plumbing job wouldn't pass inspection here in Vermont.
snappingbear Pred 2 meseci
Much of what they've done wouldn't pass inspection in most 3rd. World countries.
Crazy KT
Crazy KT Pred 2 meseci
Why the heck are the sockets put in upside down?
Jay Are
Jay Are Pred 2 meseci
Mom and Pops deserves something like there own SLtv channel cooking and carpentry even there own travel trailer 😂
Ahmad Nazri
Ahmad Nazri Pred 2 meseci
Corona chandelier😂😂
pen15 club
pen15 club Pred 2 meseci
7 billiard balls in one flush now that's a big load.
alvi rahman
alvi rahman Pred 2 meseci
Love the new music ... spot on
Dov Rizzo
Dov Rizzo Pred 2 meseci
Just want to say you guys are doing a bang-up job on the house. So many people post negative comments and “better ways” to do things, but y’all are doing just fine. I think back to my first house, and if I would have filmed the whole thing, people would have been SO judge-mental. Looking back on that time frame in my life 20+ years ago, nothing major happened, I learned a lot, and I had fun doing it. Keep up the great work fellas. To the moon! 🚀🚀
snappingbear Pred 2 meseci
No, many people making constructive criticism of theiir work are right. Ive seen professionals commenting that unlike you know what they are talking about.
Alberto Reyes
Alberto Reyes Pred 2 meseci
Man not a single level put on the pvc or shadingthe pipe as you run it, definitely low spots, will cause slow draining sewage or backing up inside.
BIG TONE Pred 2 meseci
Home Depot trip! Haha man best part of doing a home project is going to Home Depot to buy something so small you forgot the first or tenth time you already went to Home Depot lol! How far is the store from the goon squad bros?
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred 2 meseci
They use the nearest Home Depot in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, which is about fifteen miles by road from the HQ House on the Tennessee mountainside. The store is only a couple of miles drive from the 'Original Goonzquad Garage' (their parents' home) in Rossville, Georgia.
Infamous Mod
Infamous Mod Pred 2 meseci
The Taco Bell part was so funny 😂
Charles Huston
Charles Huston Pred 2 meseci
Get the 17" high ones
TheTruthBeTold Pred 2 meseci
That property is gonna deserve some nice green grass and a sweet drive way when done because that mud is brutal.
Nef Pred 2 meseci
I couldn't help noticing pops is applying purple primer to those pipes, but where is the glue ??
Alex Downard
Alex Downard Pred 2 meseci
I’m not trying to be that guy but in this case I know what I’m talking about. Backstabbing electric receptacles in most company’s will get you fired because it’s shit work. All that holds in the wire in the recp. is spring metal and over time with any heat or load the prong metal will expand and contract and that plug is going to melt due to a loose connection possible causing a fire. I’ve been replacing those shit connections in houses for YEARS. In about 5 years your going to notice plugs not working and lights comming on and off when you bump a wall. If the contractor tries to argue it’s fine then I would hire someone else. Just cause they’re your friends doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing. If they trust backstabbing then I wouldn’t trust anything they install. If that hurts any feelings you should work in a office to spare your feelings. If this is how you install plugs I’m talking directly to you.
Alex Downard
Alex Downard Pred 2 meseci
@GaSb I think every electrician did. The helpers didn’t think anything of it😂
GaSb Pred 2 meseci
@John Stedman as soon as I saw it I searched for backstabbing in the comments
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred 2 meseci
Fully agree with you.
fizzyelectricity Pred 2 meseci
Wow, 720 Watts to run the chandelier 🙄
Jeremy Mcjennett
Jeremy Mcjennett Pred 2 meseci
That light is hideous😬
P. Thomas
P. Thomas Pred 2 meseci
'And start laying some pipe down'
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