The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 75 

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We are making some amazing progress!!!! We just moved from electrical to plumbing and we got some things working. We are enjoying the entire process and we cant wait to show you whats next. This house is starting to look like we imagined and the end result will be outstanding!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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18. feb. 2021

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GalaxyGaming110 Pred 10 dnevi
The toilet is too far from the wall for my liking and I don't understand why American toilets have so much water in them😂
Lucifer Pred 12 dnevi
Light in between row are gonna draw insects
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras Pred 19 dnevi
Looking good!
ᛋᛏᚢᚱᛚᚨ ᛋᛚᛁᚾᚷᚱᛁᚾᚷᛋᛗᛟᚾᚾ
You Americans really don't know how to build proper bathrooms.
Heavyhat Pred 27 dnevi
dont know exactly what its called, but shouldnt they've fixed the spaces between the tiles before putting in toilets and trim and all that?
Cadjano Pred 27 dnevi
These guys are amazing! I built a music studio from scratch but what they do is sooo much better...
Merdan Dolovac
Merdan Dolovac Pred 28 dnevi
Is there 3 or 4 bathrooms bro
Ben Williams
Ben Williams Pred 28 dnevi
You guys are absolute legends!
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock Pred mesecem
Oh my you mom looks in pain but like you said she still came out to show the boys support and pops loving doing bits in your house it’s awesome loving the final touches
Muhammad Hamad
Muhammad Hamad Pred mesecem
22:50 when he actually says "Dad" instead of Pops!
Cheyne Anderson
Cheyne Anderson Pred mesecem
When u were cleaning all i could see was gandalfs face bopping
Toby Clark
Toby Clark Pred mesecem
Ghost busters vac
Liam Vernon-woods
Liam Vernon-woods Pred mesecem
Do the string lights from the house to the tree line
Klocko Gaming
Klocko Gaming Pred mesecem
Y’all should make a go fund me for y’all to get a better video camera
Chris Laughren
Chris Laughren Pred mesecem
🇨🇦 Love the new tunes. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cole Weedon
Cole Weedon Pred mesecem
you guys got some small ass toilets lol
MegaDirtyberty Pred mesecem
Your velcome.
Rob Pred mesecem
That is a smallish toilet. You might be narrow. Nuff said.
Rob Pred mesecem
Thumbs up! No safety violations this time.
Rob Pred mesecem
1 inch of snow ...stuck in ? Hehe. Good thing they are in Tennessee.
Rob Pred mesecem
Lose the string lights go for hidden lighting that shows no bulbage.
Rob Pred mesecem
The lights on the patio... It is tennessee. I guess the string lights could have been in the living room.
Carlos Garza
Carlos Garza Pred mesecem
Where are your parents from
Geno Martinez
Geno Martinez Pred mesecem
That is some TACKY ass shit right there why put all that work in the house and use some plumbers pipe screwed onto the deck to hang lights?!
Sam Jarman
Sam Jarman Pred mesecem
In the UK we have a builders clean (wipe round with a rag pretty much) and a sparkle clean.
Richard Leveille
Richard Leveille Pred mesecem
This is why you project plan. That's how you avoid doing everything out of order. Time saved is money saved!
Miguel 1 pjma Cute
Miguel 1 pjma Cute Pred mesecem
Kanu it’s ins ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
TheDemobus/Auto creator's
mom rocking the 200.00 MK vest
H Marc Bower
H Marc Bower Pred mesecem
"I don't think I've ever been so excited about a toilet in my life, man!" - so you've never eaten at a Taco Bell, then. ;)
Clay Snyds
Clay Snyds Pred mesecem
Who is paying for the house ??
Octane Street
Octane Street Pred mesecem
YESSSSS!! Congratulations on passing the final electrical inspection! Only one inspection to go!
ALDAMONEY Pred mesecem
Let's hope ur super bowl flushes better then Kansas City played
Killer Bean
Killer Bean Pred mesecem
The dazzling armadillo reilly hook because mitten functionally test circa a groovy gosling. tight, hungry meat
Evan Fox05
Evan Fox05 Pred mesecem
These guys are always so happy. They could have the whole house be destroyed and they would still find a way to all be so positive 😂😂
Chris Briggs
Chris Briggs Pred mesecem
When are guys getting back too fixing cars house is very nice, it getting boring now
BLAIIR Pred mesecem
Miguelon Y sus Chevys
These guys are amazing 💪🏼 love the videos!!! Pops trying to eat the toilet thing 😂
Bob Watfprd
Bob Watfprd Pred mesecem
LOL patio lights look horrible
aden persons
aden persons Pred mesecem
pain no gain ladies'
claus frennessen
claus frennessen Pred mesecem
No!! Dude it’s look like shit!
PuR3xR4MP4GE Pred mesecem
I don’t know if is just me but it bothers me that they didn’t clean the carpet 😂
Super Scout
Super Scout Pred mesecem
Who else has been watching their channel since before the Lamborghini rebuild?
Super Scout
Super Scout Pred mesecem
"It's christmas in July." I'm pretty sure its February not July lol
Paul Skelton
Paul Skelton Pred mesecem
You should have clean outs on the sinks p traps
Paul Skelton
Paul Skelton Pred mesecem
I don’t like the deck lights its way to busy
Big Red
Big Red Pred mesecem
Anyone else always skip the handicapped brothers spiel at the start?
Tony Burt
Tony Burt Pred mesecem
Nice job! I'm honestly surprised, though, that the electric inspection passed with the outlet behind the bathroom barn door.
Tom Pittsley
Tom Pittsley Pred mesecem
Early start late in the day?
Christopher Ricks
Christopher Ricks Pred mesecem
The Goonzsquad Frat house is NOW OPEN!
The OriginalVenomZA
The OriginalVenomZA Pred mesecem
Maybe put the lights on the outside of the top of the deck railing. It will still provide light, but be "hidden"? Just a suggestion.
Václav Horníček
Václav Horníček Pred mesecem
Yo boy Billy got a new pair of them NMDs. Daang son!!!
Alex Gutierrez
Alex Gutierrez Pred mesecem
LOL!!! They seriously don't want to do the tile!
roblox plays
roblox plays Pred mesecem
can yall be my maid
Sean Juan
Sean Juan Pred mesecem
You vacuumed up all the dirt then unrolled the dirty rug and re-dusted the joint.
inkmee75 Pred mesecem
I thought pops had a doughnut that looked like a toilet bowl ring. Laughed so hard the wife from the other room asked if I was alright. Lmao I like doing house work but like you tube for the car mods and repairs for fun. But you guys got me on the ride with what ever it is you guys are doing. Keep it goin and I'll keep watching.
SIDNEY B Pred mesecem
For GOD’S SAKE why is every wall White ?!?!?!?!?????!!!?!?! GREAT JOB but guys you gotta get some colors in that ABODE !!!!!!!!
Bria Lowe
Bria Lowe Pred mesecem
Do the parents speak English? If not what language do they speak?
Elliot Feidt
Elliot Feidt Pred mesecem
at 17:11 they say they are snowed in but they are not you now what snowed in is like 24in. of snow in 1 day
tşt Pred mesecem
no bidet? eww
Rob J
Rob J Pred mesecem
Without mom you guys would starve.
Rob J
Rob J Pred mesecem
...We're getting an early start this afternoon...
Isaac Worsley
Isaac Worsley Pred mesecem
The amount of times they say "Dude" is hilarious
Daniel Balazs
Daniel Balazs Pred mesecem
the light looks not good
Eye Of Venture
Eye Of Venture Pred mesecem
How long have you guys been married ?
Pete Mitchell
Pete Mitchell Pred mesecem
If you hold your hands up at 45 degree angle, its a Y shirt
septer magnum
septer magnum Pred mesecem
Why do I have a feeling that this house is already done and this is a pre-recording🧐🧐
Ford33coupe Pred mesecem
Lose the lights on the deck ! Worst choice ever !
Mogipbob Pred mesecem
It would be funny if they picked up the toilets with the Lambo :)
Kurt Dukes
Kurt Dukes Pred mesecem
For the patio lights... how about using automotive loom to tidy up the wiring for the lights? It you can angle the poles away from the house, it can help with the leaning. I have a idea for the driveway. How about making it so it crosses the front yard at the lower level and then sweeps around to the garage side. This way when all your peeps and family is on scene, the cars will not block the view.
donald hinchman
donald hinchman Pred mesecem
Poor mom she is a tropper.
Eddie Santiago
Eddie Santiago Pred mesecem
Look guys yall have done a good job so far but I think its time yall let someone else finish the tail work already dont you guys think that ass well?
Katz at Home
Katz at Home Pred mesecem
Aw guys, the string lights outside look awful ☹️ after everything you’ve done, they make it look tacky ☹️ a high up light in each corner would be neater and more effective? 😁👍
Connor Clayton
Connor Clayton Pred mesecem
Hey im just wondering where are your parents from because the food they cook looks fire.
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred mesecem
@Connor Clayton You are welcome!
Connor Clayton
Connor Clayton Pred mesecem
@John Stedman thank you
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred mesecem
Their parents, Lyudmilla and Yury, emigrated to the US from Ukraine.
Richard L McCann
Richard L McCann Pred mesecem
Billy, you owe us a jump in the pond in the woods. You said you would a few episodes back and my 7yo daughter asks every episode if you've done it yet. Get it done bro!
Reb Khosh
Reb Khosh Pred mesecem
These rebuild a house series acutely makes me never want to build a house
plumber802 Pred mesecem
LoonyTots Pred mesecem
Please please please.....the house stuff is getting really old. How's about a car build to break the monotony??🙏
Chandler Cummings
Chandler Cummings Pred mesecem
Damn that’s crazy you mom just now had her wisdom teeth pulled!! How old it she 25? Lol
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred mesecem
Wisdom teeth usually erupt by the mid twenties, but can appear when people are in their 30s, 40s or even older. Some adults never grow wisdom teeth at all. So it is quite possible that Lyudmilla, who is middle aged, had no reason to undergo dental surgery for the removal of her rearmost molars until recently.
Put a secondary water pressure pump in your house , I also have it it gives amazing water pressure, do it you will love it !
417Garage Pred mesecem
Man y’all are living the best life! God bless y’all! You have awesome supportive parents and I love y’all’s videos! Much love from Missouri boys!
Jeff Stone
Jeff Stone Pred mesecem
You guys do awesome work regardless if its vehicles or the house. Ignore the naysayers on here, its great to see your videos and I always look forward to them. I am a Chattanooga native myself (grew up in Soddy Daisy/Middle Valley) go VOLS!
BJ SMOOVE Pred mesecem
Where’s the vid
Justin Carpenter
Justin Carpenter Pred mesecem
Goonzsquad didn’t want that gap sauce tonight’s Dave and busters 😂
MB Pred mesecem
Build a pergola over the deck and install the lights up the in the pergola. Can install really nice outdoor grilling station with stone walls. Super easy and looks nice!
Ross Montreal
Ross Montreal Pred mesecem
Gaps under the stairs guys! Love you guys and pops!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
10czech Pred mesecem
Hello people! the shower in the bathroom of the master bedroom in my opinion will give you a lot of headaches! if I was in your position I would test it first! sltv.info/label/oLR0raWysWSyhK4/video watch this video too! do it like that! sltv.info/label/b8uDs7jEamSnfm8/video peace!
Sean Daniels
Sean Daniels Pred mesecem
Gentlemen, what vacuum are you using on those floors?
Raptor Pred mesecem
no. I don't like the lights on the porch.
Peter Kerusso
Peter Kerusso Pred mesecem
Whose ready for some car rebuilds??
Ryan Lawrence
Ryan Lawrence Pred mesecem
Love the videos guys. Can't wait to see it when it's done. The house with your new garage and a big-ass driveway to show off all your cars
Cavalier James
Cavalier James Pred mesecem
“Torlets” 🚽 😉
Laura L. John
Laura L. John Pred mesecem
Top and bottom for the lights will rally be cool 😎all year long. Love you guys, thanks for sharing your journey ❤.
James Schug
James Schug Pred mesecem
Scott Douglas
Scott Douglas Pred mesecem
I agree with many others, the string lights look bad. Everything else on the house build has been grade A until that.
Swiftlines NYC
Swiftlines NYC Pred mesecem
Metal Rods all around you and none are grounded. You Guys are trying to add 1001 Ways to Die on Goonzquad ?
mjr412 Pred mesecem
I really really hate to complain but god damm this ‘bob the builder sh@t’ is getting old AF!!!!!! Get back to the car builds please!!!!!!!! The cars is the reason I followed the channel, 💯💯please don’t give me or anyone else a reason to unfollow 😢
m d
m d Pred mesecem
RGB Rope lighting on the deck imo..
Don C
Don C Pred mesecem
They're never going to finish that tile. LOL
Az playz
Az playz Pred mesecem
who knew that a house build would take 75 episodes?
Muzammil Khan
Muzammil Khan Pred mesecem
Ogledi 182 tis.