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Wrapping this project up with a bang!!!! We have made it a long ways ever since we started and we couldn't be happier with how its all turning out! We finally got to mow our lawn for the very first time and also we added some nutrients to get the thickest lawn ever. Then we knocked out a few other major things and now were left with very little to do! We cant wait to show y'all the end result, its gonna be wild!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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23. mar. 2021

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thepan777 Pred dnevom
Mr. Shad’s
Mr. Shad’s Pred 4 dnevi
What is the specs on the zero turn lawnmower? If is great i might get one. And also since u have well water and a pound that you’re building, will using those fertilizers affect water quality?
Jeffrey Denecke
Jeffrey Denecke Pred 6 dnevi
Guys, Use that wet coat on the stone retaining wall... The colors it will bring out and the beading of the rain on it will give you a zen backdrop
Richard Hill
Richard Hill Pred 6 dnevi
You want strips in your yard while cutting the grass. Take the zero turn in for a roller thing. Think the one from factory are plastic. Not sure. Cleetus mcfarland had his john deere zero turn installed
Omar Andres Mendez Romero
You guys should do this to the home stone wall
RI DA Pred 8 dnevi
zkermitz Pred 8 dnevi
You can price match at bestbuy boys
milan duic
milan duic Pred 9 dnevi
Help support ur boy were so fuckin poor
Shafat Abrar
Shafat Abrar Pred 10 dnevi
you should buy a Tesla it is a electric car I like the Tesla model y
Dale Bell
Dale Bell Pred 10 dnevi
9:47 is them houses in the background if so I love the view can I come stay the night
GaLoS Pred 11 dnevi
Anyone else super impressed by how well that lawn is doing?
Ben Williams
Ben Williams Pred 7 dnevi
It's really taking off! They'll need at least three inches to cut chequers into it.
Zain Ahmad
Zain Ahmad Pred 11 dnevi
How not to do lawncare...
Aegis159 Pred 11 dnevi
you all should look at putting some paint or stain on the wood on the deck, especially the posts!
Collin Van veen
Collin Van veen Pred 11 dnevi
Nice job guys 💪👍 greetings grom Holland great channel 🙃
Grifin Voigt
Grifin Voigt Pred 11 dnevi
You need a roller on your mower deck to make stripes
Kevin Mendoza
Kevin Mendoza Pred 11 dnevi
Thought i was watching National Geographic for a second😂
yeye boi898
yeye boi898 Pred 12 dnevi
" kills, prevents and, feeds weeds" lol love you guys
Михаил Самолетов
Крутой дом получился😍У вас золотые руки❗👍
Shadow the Wolf
Shadow the Wolf Pred 13 dnevi
I love electric stuff
Bobdingle25 Pred 13 dnevi
Should've got the GX. For a few hundred more, they romove the notch on the back and it basically sits flat on the wall
TheNinjaRider Pred 13 dnevi
I love this series so much, been binging it like crazy lately! Dont get me wrong I love the car stuff, but please keep on doing this like this in between:D
Jim Hargraves Jr
Jim Hargraves Jr Pred 14 dnevi
Guys, a quick way to get the cross hatch is to mow the lines at different blade deck heights. At a 45 your first line is cut at say 1/2” then the line next to it is cut at 1”. Alternate this deck height and you will get the lines you want. For best results use a walk behind. To make it easier you can have two walk behinds set at the heights you want for the front yard and each time you want to cut you’ll have the cross hatch.
Mr. Intensity
Mr. Intensity Pred 14 dnevi
When you are seeding and fertilizing the lawn you should wear those baseball shoes with the spikes that you added, to help push everything down deeper.
Georgenegrete 82@gmail.com
Luv ' it. My goonzquad's
Georgenegrete 82@gmail.com
Feed's weeds 😜 lol
Karolis Design
Karolis Design Pred 14 dnevi
Who misses the car builds?
kevin oropeza
kevin oropeza Pred 14 dnevi
Cuando vuelven los carros
Steve Solt
Steve Solt Pred 15 dnevi
I am waiting for the future episode where they have the sewer backup and have to dig out the 90 degree pipe fitting on the right side of the house?
Juan Corona
Juan Corona Pred 15 dnevi
Crocs needs to sponsor the goonz already
Josh Stahl
Josh Stahl Pred 15 dnevi
Oled is amazing
vq Brandon
vq Brandon Pred 15 dnevi
Feeds the weeds 😂😂😂😂
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan Pred 15 dnevi
They make those patterns in the grass by dragging a lead weight or something really heavy behind the mower and it folds the grass over just like how u run ur hand over carpet one way and it goes darker and then run ur hand in the opposite direction and it goes lighter. That’s the same concept!!!
back space
back space Pred 15 dnevi
you guys should give a car away to the first person who can guess correctly how many time your two say "Dude"
Life with Lamoy
Life with Lamoy Pred 15 dnevi
Your brother is teaching you how to hold the camera
Eric Bierman
Eric Bierman Pred 15 dnevi
Love that that house is almost done because I can’t wait to see the new garages go up with Some exotic car builds.Love it Goonzquad keep up the good work.
R A Pred 15 dnevi
Nice 26 minute commercial. Weak sauce.
MainSportsHighlights Pred 15 dnevi
Look into SQUARETRADE for you to have an extended warranty. It will extended your warranty after your factory warranty runs out. Will be well worth it trust me if it can’t be fixed the will send you a check for what you paid before tax. 👍👍
FlexFinder Pred 15 dnevi
concrete is pourous and will soak up that first coat of sealer and you have to reapply till it stops soaking up. OLED is organic LED which is basically just the black turns the diodes off, to make the black pixels more crisp. HDR is really the thing that you need, which I'm sure that tv has.
Jace LaBorde
Jace LaBorde Pred 15 dnevi
too much fertilizer will kill your grass. you want to wait till the grass has taken root till you fertilizer. Hope it doesn't hurt the grass and makes it greener and not brown.
HandyMan Extrodinaire
HandyMan Extrodinaire Pred 16 dnevi
HandyMan Extrodinaire
HandyMan Extrodinaire Pred 16 dnevi
In order for your new porch support posts to pass inspection, I believe they must have metal post mounts between the concrete floor and the posts. Similar to the posts on the outer perimeter! Just an FYI to check into.
Steven Martin
Steven Martin Pred 16 dnevi
It's called a lawn striper
Matt Glunt
Matt Glunt Pred 16 dnevi
The "Prevent" in the fertilizer is going to prevent the new seeds from growing.
James Costello
James Costello Pred 16 dnevi
Wasted your money and time seeding and using weed preventer fertilizer. The pre-emergent will prevent the new seed from rooting and it will also hurt the sod.
Justin Chism
Justin Chism Pred 16 dnevi
My 20 year old Echo SRM210 has that line cutter. Nothing new guys. LOL
fadetoblack2888 Pred 16 dnevi
Not sure who told them that cutting your grass super short helps, it's quite the opposite LOL. You want long deep roots so the grass can really get nutrients. But the Roots will only grow as long as the grass is tall. So if you allow it to grow out longer and stay longer than the roots will have a better system and you'll have a healthier lawn. That's why thicker looking lawns are usually cut higher.
Griddless Pred 16 dnevi
Do a budget diy EV conversion to begin with, then mod it like all the other cars!
Theresa Keuning
Theresa Keuning Pred 16 dnevi
Looking great...time for a paver or stepping stone curvy path through the grass up to the front door so grass won't get trampled too much. Keep up the good work!👍
Sterling Stauffer
Sterling Stauffer Pred 16 dnevi
One of these days they’re going to toss something and it’ll be “Dang Son I missed”
El canal de Juliana infantil
caribdreamin Pred 16 dnevi
Still waiting for the wood on the patio/balcony to be painted? I would have painted all that wood prior to constructing the patio, that way, coverage is better.
Chris Ruef
Chris Ruef Pred 16 dnevi
Please conceal that power cord on that TV...fish them in the wall. Also, move the power outlet up behind the TV
Matt Hood
Matt Hood Pred 16 dnevi
I think it’s like a blade attachment that you put on the back of your lawnmower and put the stripes into your lawn 👍🏻
Daniel Boskovski
Daniel Boskovski Pred 16 dnevi
Hi Simon
Anthony Pred 16 dnevi
Can’t wait for the second mowing video, surely their taking the piss now . Milk those views lol
Jay M
Jay M Pred 16 dnevi
You can use compound sand or construction sand to flatten out all the bumps throughout your yard and the grass grows right through it works great to flatten your yard and allow for smooth rows when making lines in the yard
Joe Barlow
Joe Barlow Pred 16 dnevi
You should push mow your lawn for the first few cuts, you don’t want your sod to separate, the riding mower is too heavy for the small roots of fresh sod
Tyler Ahliya
Tyler Ahliya Pred 16 dnevi
I love yore videos
Walter Dominguez
Walter Dominguez Pred 16 dnevi
Calling a wiper sniper a Weed Whacker is a product, like calling a ball point pen a BIC or a Biro. So a Weed Whacker is a brand. A brand Crescent is a spanner that is an adjustable spanner... So a Whacker is a brand, as a Whacker Packer is a Brand and a product name... We in Australia call a light truck/Cab chassis a Ute, which is short for Utility Vehicle.
Death By Rebuilds
Death By Rebuilds Pred 16 dnevi
I got the same tv and It’s amazing 😂
Brunotisk Pred 16 dnevi
Episode #100!!! So close!,,
boosted Bruce
boosted Bruce Pred 16 dnevi
We like car we’re the car at?
asusreviews Pred 16 dnevi
Pretty sure that weed and feed is also going to prevent your grass seed from germinating
Seandelle Walkes
Seandelle Walkes Pred 16 dnevi
I only hearing dude
Finn OConnell
Finn OConnell Pred 17 dnevi
You need new blades on your mower
Levi Teller
Levi Teller Pred 17 dnevi
By the way if you want to strip your yard get a stripping kit for your mower
iblaze man
iblaze man Pred 17 dnevi
buy a gaming pc for the tv
Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls Pred 17 dnevi
Do not cut your grass short
Self_Made-Self_Paid Pred 17 dnevi
Why do y'all always say y'all are gonna "run to the store" but then y'all don't ever record the part of yall "running to the store"?.....Y'all just record the driving to the store part....🤷‍♂️
Marcus P
Marcus P Pred 17 dnevi
Need a Gun safe where the protection?
maria arthur
maria arthur Pred 17 dnevi
Sprinklers dudes, feeding your grass needs water now, plus your soils look bit sandy so water slinks down fast and your land yellow, with this jou avoid Buning of your grasses
maria arthur
maria arthur Pred 17 dnevi
Sinks down, grass yellow, avoid burning the grass with this excellent feeding, auto correction is on and watching from hungary, I am Dutch. Keep on smiling
maria arthur
maria arthur Pred 17 dnevi
Excellent, feeds the weeds, well its also green, Nice work dudes!
Shawn Kane
Shawn Kane Pred 17 dnevi
Lawn care! Now we are talking!
Robert Mobley
Robert Mobley Pred 17 dnevi
you can buy an attachment for stripping, it makes a big yard look awesome!
Ray Spencer
Ray Spencer Pred 17 dnevi
Cybertruck. I'm in! Solar roof and Powerwalls. Let's make this channel green. Get ahead of the curve. Be trendsetters. You're already recycling cars. Recycle wrecked cars with recyclable energy.
biggpopa72 Pred 17 dnevi
Kali muscle - 2.32 million subscribers financing 500k in car loans. Goonzquad - 2.33 million subscribers financing 3k on a tv. SLtv owes the goon boys some money.
RiverSide288 Pred 17 dnevi
just so you guys now, you get lots of money from the government when you buy a electric car!🚗🔌🔋💵💰💰
Travis P.
Travis P. Pred 17 dnevi
Get yourself a “walker” mower. Built in Colorado and makes amazing lines.
Angela Oakes
Angela Oakes Pred 17 dnevi
Billy tickle me saying some random grass. 🤣🤣🤣 That was hilarious!!
stephen yoder
stephen yoder Pred 17 dnevi
No you don't want to cut sod grass really short... that'll kill it
stephen yoder
stephen yoder Pred 17 dnevi
No you don't want to cut sod grass really short... that'll kill it
miguel ramirez
miguel ramirez Pred 17 dnevi
Mow your grass higher and you'll get some beautiful designs if you mow it short you will kill it and you don't need an attachment for the designs 🤣
Rolando laureano
Rolando laureano Pred 17 dnevi
Jota Reye
Jota Reye Pred 17 dnevi
Enough construction, we want cars.
Ramon Ramon90s
Ramon Ramon90s Pred 17 dnevi
Can’t wait to see that R22 back on the channel. Can we have an update on that lol
Mattia Cellini
Mattia Cellini Pred 17 dnevi
The energy that Billy releases, when he gestures, would be enough to fuel a city.
Colton carroll
Colton carroll Pred 17 dnevi
O-led display is what most new high end phones have. Where the black is TRUE black and not a grey color, and the colors are WAY nicer then a normal LCD display.
David James
David James Pred 17 dnevi
All I’m saying is when you cut the grass don’t cut it to short or else you’ll kill it and it won’t lay strips so I say cut it on a. 3.75 4 for cub cudet and it depends on your grass too
HardKhour Pred 17 dnevi
Best Buy price matches amazon.
SethsPhone Pred 17 dnevi
Smaller youtubers are sponsored by Milwaukee
TheCamaro5 Pred 17 dnevi
flip the blade for longer string. I use a 12.0 on my weed eater. I have never needed to run it on high. a lot more power than gas trimmer.
Lucas Lafontaine
Lucas Lafontaine Pred 17 dnevi
Probably my favorite episode ov this build!! Idky tho.. 😂😂
Isak Söderlund
Isak Söderlund Pred 17 dnevi
bill van damme
bill van damme Pred 17 dnevi
y'all got enough ads already in the video i don't think you need to act like salesman for everything you buy...c'mon just get to doing some real vids again
stupid anna
stupid anna Pred 17 dnevi
Can u do some copart car vids were u rebuild cars house videos are getting boring id like to see you rebuild cars
Robbie Middlebrooks
Robbie Middlebrooks Pred 17 dnevi
Now you guys need some smart blinds! You control them with an app on your phone or an “Alexa” device! You can also set them to all open and all close at certain times of the day! We have a blind company here in Georgia that does those and custom blinds as well! That would top it all off for you guys! The state of the “ART” futuristic home!
Jeff West
Jeff West Pred 17 dnevi
That is called a hover!
Robbie Middlebrooks
Robbie Middlebrooks Pred 17 dnevi
Also have to water the weed killer and grass food if it doesn’t rain in atkeast 3 days! Especially in open sun areas!
Robbie Middlebrooks
Robbie Middlebrooks Pred 17 dnevi
Ryobi has a cool electric alien green zero turn! Check it out at Home Depot!
Todd Brewer
Todd Brewer Pred 17 dnevi
New hat coming today
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