The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 74 

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The headquarters are looking so sick!!! Although a few things didn't go as planned and we failed an inspection, we still managed to get things done! The electricians came out and basically finished everything they had left and now we are moving onto doing some plumbing work! This house is going to be so cool with all the unique features that we throw at it and here soon it'll all be over! Thanks For Watching!!!
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16. feb. 2021

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THATSMYNAME Pred 11 dnevi
Outlets under the sink that's clever; NOT!!!
Anes Paraganlija
Anes Paraganlija Pred 15 dnevi
You guys inspired me to get the same washer and dryer and I did it and it’s so cool and so awesome and it’s gunmetal gray when I look at it it’s like talking to me in several different languages The decorations I put with it blended in it’s like heaven on earth
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras Pred 19 dnevi
Lights look really good!
Brian Hahner
Brian Hahner Pred 21 dnevom
Slowly catching up on episodes. What is the name of the ceiling light in the master bath. House is coming along nicely
TheOftedal Pred 26 dnevi
That electrician drilling and punching out that hole through the siding sure has an eye for quality...
Ben Williams
Ben Williams Pred 28 dnevi
They could dry their clothes on the R22 rotor blades and test the turbine at the same time.
Aorus Mini-ITX RiG
Aorus Mini-ITX RiG Pred 29 dnevi
20:20 man there is washing machine and dryer in one long time ago 😂😂😂
D B Pred mesecem
Stick a frozen pizza in the dryer and see what happens!
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock Pred mesecem
You guys looked like having fun watching that spin and dang this is turning out fantastic just look at it you all was watching the spin
Kevin Pan
Kevin Pan Pred mesecem
16:30 what's that sound????
Joram Burg
Joram Burg Pred mesecem
LG has a Washer/ ventless Dryer single unit machine. And they are stackable.
MegaDirtyberty Pred mesecem
Ice is like freezing over the roads, well of course.....IT"S ICE, it tends to do that.
Richard Leveille
Richard Leveille Pred mesecem
Y'all stay doing things twice or more. So much back asswards work it's astonishing y'all have made it this far. Building houses should not be this hard when you have the money and access to skilled tradesman whom could show you and your viewers how to properly finish a house. You've gained nothing from building a house all the wrong ways with zero planning and supervision so I'm curious as the point of this video series other than car fans watching y'all try to undermine skilled tradesman only to call them in to fix all your fuck ups that us experienced workers made you aware of from the get go. Y'all call it hating when it's the complete opposite, I loved these boys as car mechanics and I'm a huge fan of them as such but this house shit is pointless and unbecoming.
Peter Reingold
Peter Reingold Pred mesecem
You guys may want to look into 'Dusk to Dawn' elements for your outside lights. That way you leave the inside switch in the 'On' position, and your outside lights automatically turn on at sunset, and then they turn off at sunrise. They make bulbs that do this. But if you prefer to keep your own bulbs, they make light control sockets.
André Ramos
André Ramos Pred mesecem
yes there are washer dryer, in a single unit :D they have it for years :D
Lhey Motovlog
Lhey Motovlog Pred mesecem
I like the boys positive thinking attitude👍😁
Trü Ter
Trü Ter Pred mesecem
Just love your first way of adding detergent
Raul JR Lara
Raul JR Lara Pred mesecem
Search up AB Nasir on SLtv. He's using your content for views.
darryl haynes
darryl haynes Pred mesecem
L ec trishions
MicroChimp Pred mesecem
Glad you bois are having such a great life. Maybe you should consider donating to a local charity.
Pete Mitchell
Pete Mitchell Pred mesecem
The hats are not super limited? Not gonna buy
Terry Hesticles
Terry Hesticles Pred mesecem
I've got one of those sliding barn-style doors on my bathroom and I fucking hate it.
WhySo Serious?
WhySo Serious? Pred mesecem
washer and dryer in one unit exists.. for a while. Very popular thing here in Europe
Az playz
Az playz Pred mesecem
2:33 yes they sell washer dryers 2 in1 (idk if they do that in America because I'm from UK and they sell washer dryers 2 in 1 in the uk)
Igor Pred mesecem
My grandmother used to have that strawberry candy all the time !!
Adam Jackson
Adam Jackson Pred mesecem
Alectricians aren’t good carpenters, was anyone else cringing while they blasted holes in the exterior siding?
Ahmed Alawami
Ahmed Alawami Pred mesecem
they already invented the washer dryer in one unit
Kevin McKay
Kevin McKay Pred mesecem
yes they do have that washer dryer combos in RVs
Kevin McKay
Kevin McKay Pred mesecem
vent the door for the washer and dryer
Shane Aaron
Shane Aaron Pred mesecem
All in one washer dryer does exist here in Canada, mostly see them in camper trailers and rvs. Good job boys looking really good, still patiently waiting to get back into automotive and maybe the aviation build. Keep em coming.
Димитър Шопов
Ummm, you don't have combo units in the USA ? I've been using those as long as i can remember myself.
Dylan Priest
Dylan Priest Pred mesecem
“dropping the exhaust” talking about the dryer hose😂 always goes back to cars
Charles Austin
Charles Austin Pred mesecem
Keep it up men, doing great!
Tom Pred mesecem
washer/dryer combinations exist :D
John deere
John deere Pred mesecem
I am wating for the Windows stcikers to come off
Juan C
Juan C Pred mesecem
Shout out pops with the laundry supplies
fasstang87 Pred mesecem
Hey Guys! You should get at catch pan for the washer to sit in. If you have a leak the water will be caught in it. I didn't see a drain in the floor which would be the best solution but get a pan it will save you if you have a leak.
Nidhish Nand
Nidhish Nand Pred mesecem
Yo I have a washer n dry as one unit
BUDDY LIGHT Pred mesecem
You fellas gonna wish you never installed that washer/dryer on the second floor instead of the garage.
Ryan Stearns
Ryan Stearns Pred mesecem
Yes they already have a 2 in one. They mai my exist in Europe but they already have that technology
Wishmaker1024Enduro Pred mesecem
Вроде нормальные парни, делают сами всё, машины чинят правильно используя оригинальные запчасти и заводскую технологию монтажа, а дом почему-то собрали из древесины 4-го сорта (непригодного для строительства) да и некоторые действия делали на изнанку. У Вас же родители Русские (Украинцы) вроде, что же ни кто не подсказал ? :)
Makai Taylor
Makai Taylor Pred mesecem
Yeah they have a washer and dryer built into 1 because my grandma has on
endall39 Pred mesecem
You guys are doing a great job, but something keeps standing out to me. Any main entrance should have and overhang to offer some shade and rain cover. it really looks like there's something missing there. Maybe a metal roofed (dark bronze) dormer with wood supports on a 45 degree angle back to the house. could insert a couple more of those square stones like you used for the light mounts where the supports tie back into the stone facade. Just a thought.
Ruisu-214 Pred mesecem
Since 20min goes by quick which sucks, so now what I do is wait until the next part comes out before I start to watch. So now I am watching part 74 n 75 back to back which is close to a hour of goonsquad son lol. It took major discipline/patience to not click n see part 74 before pt 75 came lol.
Ramiro Jr.
Ramiro Jr. Pred mesecem
Looking 🤩
Ram Berto
Ram Berto Pred mesecem
Ya'll should put a wrap around front porch on that thing! Looks strange with the front door just out in the open like that! just a thought.........good stuff tho!
Ryan M
Ryan M Pred mesecem
Part 85 -- DAAAAAAAAAAAANG SON............. THE BATHROOM LIGHT IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! New swag dedicated to the bathroom light switch........cop some merch!!!!!!!
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas Pred mesecem
Those guys are nice, they move in fast forward, I lost it when you guys gave the kids candy(as if you guys aren't young), I laughed harder when the dad got more excited
TED PUCKETT Pred mesecem
You guys are doing an awesome job on the new headquarters. Really enjoy each episode from a small town in western Missouri. :=)
sl production
sl production Pred mesecem
Another video
Chris Hofmann
Chris Hofmann Pred mesecem
U guys need to put a portico in front of the house it will make the front look more finished off n go with barn style
Big Belly Rebuilds .
I like you guys ✌
Big Belly Rebuilds .
iDontShareMyData Pred mesecem
What are you guys 'on', to be that psychotically hyper?
Political Puppet
Political Puppet Pred mesecem
WTF this channel shows up in my recommended viewing is beyond me but since someone thinks I should view this I will, let me apologize in advance. If you wanted this house to appeal to the neighborhood church group or bridge team headquarters, you've "nailed" it. Having absolutely no clue as to who you all are or who the goonzquad is, Im just keeping it real. The excitement you all have for the "quiet" washer/dryer combo concerns me but Im possibly overlooking the humor, assuming that's what it was. If your looking for a place to burn or sell then I wont comment further as it is, what it is. If you're looking for a place to invite ladies or entertain female/male guests, then want them to come back and visit a 2nd time...you have struck out completely. The idea that you asked for then failed an inspection probably tells me everything I need to know but all in all the place looks good, everyone I know over the age of 80 would love to live there. Good luck boys! Cheers!
Joyce Hoffman
Joyce Hoffman Pred mesecem
Should never use a garbage disposal when you have a septic system. This will definitely cause problems down the road.
Alan Mitchell
Alan Mitchell Pred mesecem
Sorry guys it’s already been invented , funny enough it’s called a washer dryer.. I have owned 1 for about 5 years. Always good to thinking of new ideas though 👍
Dylan Duff
Dylan Duff Pred mesecem
Never gets old, 'the El-ectricians' 😂😂😂
Having Fun
Having Fun Pred mesecem
Teacher: what did you do today? Student: I watched goonzquad do their laundry!
Junior Charles
Junior Charles Pred mesecem
do a Helicopter update!
Bill Neu
Bill Neu Pred mesecem
The dryer wire should be turned 180 degrees the strain on the wire over time can cause a fire retired fire investigator NCPD Bill N LINY
GK Pred mesecem
Daaaannng Son, lookin good.
joshua herter
joshua herter Pred mesecem
remove these sticker on the window id look as bit ugly
Tyler Grodzinski
Tyler Grodzinski Pred mesecem
dont they already make washer and dryers in the same unit??? lol wtf
Trinity Gamer
Trinity Gamer Pred mesecem
can someone give me a link to that washer and dryer lol
Robert Chryssikos
Robert Chryssikos Pred mesecem
We’re is your kit car
Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon Pred mesecem
The washer dryer combo invention made me lol, dude they already sell those. House is looking cool.
Charles Eballa
Charles Eballa Pred mesecem
Imagine part 74 👍👌
Doghouse Travels
Doghouse Travels Pred mesecem
RVs have all in one washer/dryer combos. Most popular is Spendide.
lakerphan17 Pred mesecem
You guys should do a Toyota Land Cruiser rebuild
D Cobb
D Cobb Pred mesecem
2.32 million subs and some of y'all still tryin to bust their balls about how they say some words. Do your thang Goonz. Lovin the content
H H Pred mesecem
I would love to know how much this major remodel ended up costing you guys, looking to do some of this stuff to a house I recently bought and I wanna know how much more I need in my budget to do all these things but it would definitely increase my sale and appraisal price for sure on the backend
H H Pred mesecem
Even though you guys made some mistakes along the way, do a damn good job as compared to most new homes and all the high tech upgrades actually turned out great. At first I thought it would just make the house overly complicated but it actually simplified things and made most of the house look even better
Snuffy Violin!
Snuffy Violin! Pred mesecem
I love your work!!!! You guys are always so happy to get to work on your projects and it soooo reminds me of being a little kid and getting to help build and fix things!!!! 🧸🧸🧸🧸
Nef Pred mesecem
Watching that front entrance reminds me of good times going to olive garden.....
sandra folsom
sandra folsom Pred mesecem
And that Is why Romex sucks.
Tony N
Tony N Pred mesecem
I wish I was friends with you guys
Elijah Cavin
Elijah Cavin Pred mesecem
Matt Pred mesecem
Y’all made a huge mistake using the adhesive on the stone trim for the exterior lights....they will fall off in 6-10 months
S Robinson
S Robinson Pred mesecem
Man Billy had me dead 😂😂💀 throws the whole bottle of detergent in there.
Chase Brown
Chase Brown Pred mesecem
No ring door bell huh!!
TheRoadGlideRider Pred mesecem
Good video except all of the commercials
Heather Hamilton
Heather Hamilton Pred mesecem
Can you fit a door handle or is the washer dryer in the way? I wonder if you can get a handle-less door :D
Ravi Abeyrathne
Ravi Abeyrathne Pred mesecem
L G All in one (washer/ Dryer combo )
Jay Markray
Jay Markray Pred mesecem
Only thing that can top the house rebuild is a P1 build
King313_2x 84
King313_2x 84 Pred mesecem
Yo y’all boys are fire 🔥 one thing that will help y’all a lot is wireless mic packs. This way when you turn your head you will still have great auto.
my Infinity
my Infinity Pred mesecem
Front porch .. its a porch patio refers to the back
emre şimşek
emre şimşek Pred mesecem
18:40 so funny moments 😂😂😂 20:25 this technology already has been around for years, at least 10 years, I remember since my childhood
Tristan Edwards
Tristan Edwards Pred mesecem
2 things: do you need to put a clear seal where the granite meets backsplash to prevent liquid from ruining your walls? Maybe put washer and dryer in garage and make that space a towel/ toiletries/ sheets closet?
Allan Decena
Allan Decena Pred mesecem
The outcome of house is looking great.
Stan Giles
Stan Giles Pred mesecem
new washers add correct amount of detergent from a supply , also reminds you when getting low on detergent super old school washer , does it have a mangle?
Stan Giles
Stan Giles Pred mesecem
2 doors swing into each other , a huge design goonz
Stan Giles
Stan Giles Pred mesecem
barn door covers outlet , well done goonz
Stan Giles
Stan Giles Pred mesecem
the front door , into dining room ? Kitchen and stairs , just looks bizarre. very little privacy no path to front door ? security cameras would be good idea but not for goonz
Stan Giles
Stan Giles Pred mesecem
why do you need a washer , dont you get enough merch surely you just wear it , then sell it as you are super limited
Stan Giles
Stan Giles Pred mesecem
the furniture coasters arent good for washers , they will walk out of closet . why no laundry room , where can you put detergent or iron , fold , hang clothes seems like a goon way to do things.
Jordan Collins
Jordan Collins Pred mesecem
I’m pretty sure the tile isn’t going to be done till after they move in lmao
Lisa Banks
Lisa Banks Pred mesecem
Are you getting more stock of the hoodies? Hope so! 🙂
Frenk Vortice
Frenk Vortice Pred mesecem
God bless you Guys.
FaithfulMC Pred mesecem
They have washers+dryers in one unit so you don't have to move them.
Ogledi 750 tis.
Ogledi 750 tis.
Things I Learned On Tik Tok
addressing my weight gain...