The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 80 

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We are super excited to say that we are done with the last major tasks of this project!!! Now all we have left is a few small finishing touches and this things is going to look superb. We cant wait to be done with this build and move onto the next huge project! Also we cant wait to show you guys how this house turns out as well!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Rossville,GA 30741
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2. mar. 2021

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Dan Strausbaugh
Dan Strausbaugh Pred 4 dnevi
I find it so offensive when you say support your boys ... you guys are millionaires and have an amazing brand new house, vehicle tools shop vehicles all because of a SLtv channel... please stop saying support your boys because everything you have is because of support... it makes you look greedy!!!!
Tom Aiger
Tom Aiger Pred 19 dnevi
check out this nice thumb down for the merch ad! dont "support" millionaires feel free to delete this comment AGAIN cowards! truth hurts, didnt it?
FatGuyFromMars Pred 21 dnevom
So exited
Indside the Cockpit
Indside the Cockpit Pred 23 dnevi
Looks sharp boys!
MegaDirtyberty Pred 24 dnevi
Your velcome.
Carl Watson
Carl Watson Pred mesecem
Shower extractor fans...?
Octane Street
Octane Street Pred mesecem
Loved all the progress this episode as always, the only thing I WOULD like to echo is to go with stainless steel faucet/cupboard handles for the bar area! Would look much cleaner :)
JC Pred mesecem
Chris Urban
Chris Urban Pred mesecem
Nutella!!!!!!!!Yes Boys
Jensen Interceptor
Jensen Interceptor Pred mesecem
Just an observation but the Herringbone bathroom is cool and looks very russian or slavic, extremely european is what I mean. Did you go for that look? Nice job!
Dan Ashcroft
Dan Ashcroft Pred mesecem
I dont know what everyone else thinks but them joggers look a bit tight round the leg to me... Yoga pants for the ladies, and baggy joggers for the men on slouchy sundays... Study your Hip Hop videos boys and learn from the masters of baggy pants/joggers... and before anyone weighs in here I am not talking "County jail with no belt" round your knees super baggy. Just loose around the "Important areas" baggy, I'll leave it there and quit whilst I'm ahead...
Dan Ashcroft
Dan Ashcroft Pred mesecem
Chicken Nugget Ice McFlurry, coming to a McDonalds near you next week... You guys need to get a patent or a trademark or something on that sucker as that is one of the best/worst original ideas I have ever heard in my life... Chicken Nugget flavoured Ice and Ice cream... Eat your liver pate double choc chip hearts out Ben and Jerry...
Austin product reviews Crenshaw
You guys should put a gold toilet in the bathroom that you guys put all gold hardware in that would be awesome
Im still waiting for a dang son tank top😂
Dave Can Smoke it
Dave Can Smoke it Pred mesecem
Who got to take the first dump in the new john?
Aaron Woodward
Aaron Woodward Pred mesecem
Wrap the stainless in white and Paint the handles gold
_LittleToast Pred mesecem
Is the toilet water normally that high up in America?
F A Pred mesecem
Since the garage is a living room, how bout replacing the garage door with a wall of glass panels with a slider? Maybe one of those nice ones where they all open up like an accordion?
Sally Knight
Sally Knight Pred mesecem
Everything looks great. Black hardware in the kitchen would look super nice
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones Pred mesecem
Boys - missing a trap for the waste line from the ice maker. Your ice is going to have septic gasses in it.
Adam Pred mesecem
What's the mesh in the bottom of the sink for?
1 2
1 2 Pred mesecem
Flat black for handles the gold is stupid
Sam Jarman
Sam Jarman Pred mesecem
Got to have a soft close on your toilet seat..stops you trapping your willy
Sam Jarman
Sam Jarman Pred mesecem
Are there extractor fans in these bathrooms?? Would never pass build regs without one in the UK. Interesting that its not a requirement. But great work guys, well done!
Andrew Richerson
Andrew Richerson Pred mesecem
Hey you can always gimme the camaro if you don’t know what to do with it😉
John A Neufeld
John A Neufeld Pred mesecem
omg turbo shitting happening here
davo768 Pred mesecem
You may need an exhaust fan in those bathrooms for the unwanted build-up of steam/moisture to prevent mould on walls and ceilings outside shower area.
S . L . R . Z . R . 1
Guys can you buy new camera
Dennis Cleveland
Dennis Cleveland Pred mesecem
You guys are doing a awesome job and its good seeing your mom and dad there awesome.
Sports Clips hd
Sports Clips hd Pred mesecem
the house looks good
Davi Clar
Davi Clar Pred mesecem
Actually be cool if they gave this house to their parents after it was finished.
Davi Clar
Davi Clar Pred mesecem
I would almost bet they only did a little bit of the work on camera then had professionals come in off camera to finish the hard part and then show them cleaning up. You can't do tile work like that first try without a lot of help.
Roo H
Roo H Pred mesecem
"gourmet ice" 24:10 lordy...
Kelvin Lopez
Kelvin Lopez Pred mesecem
That icemaker is cute and all that you should’ve gotten a subzero icemaker are uc 15 And it would’ve been a lot cheaper and makes better looking cubes
Brian Whitten
Brian Whitten Pred mesecem
Your Mom And Dad are so Epic! Moms cooking looks so delicious and on point. Awesome family 💕🏡✌️
Trevski In Australia
Where’s the overflow for sink as that water looks very high to top, it needs overflow to pass code or if left on it will flood
Ate Mega Bites
Ate Mega Bites Pred mesecem
I hope it’s finally done because I really wanna see some car stuff now
Roberto Jaime da Roza
Whoa Sy,,,! You ended the video with a straight spiel to “peace”.... nice one, first time i noticed. I like the segue from the last topic into the ending. Smooth. House is almost done, cant wait for the decor... great watching you boyz always.
Bruno Ferreira
Bruno Ferreira Pred mesecem
The Light in the shower, dosent pass in the inspection in Portugal !!!! :) Love your videos. Peace from Portugal
Andrew Burnett
Andrew Burnett Pred mesecem
Came for the ferraris, stayed for the toilet flushing
Svein Sørensen
Svein Sørensen Pred mesecem
Just wrap the icemaker in gold xD
bryan cepeda
bryan cepeda Pred mesecem
Bro they got the small toilets -.- 🚽
adam morrell
adam morrell Pred mesecem
The showerhead in the river tile bathroom is so low! They should definitely move that up!
Elite Gamer
Elite Gamer Pred mesecem
The new Goonzquad headquarters part 100
Terry Shanks
Terry Shanks Pred mesecem
ever considered a television show?
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas Pred mesecem
The polite argument they keep having about who has the better bathroom 😂
m2vae Pred mesecem
Hexagon ☺️ lol..
Xpert Gamer
Xpert Gamer Pred mesecem
I can’t get over the fact that the shower head in the all white bathroom (waterfall) is lower then Billy’s head.
David S.
David S. Pred mesecem
I really dislike the gold
Steve Coulter
Steve Coulter Pred mesecem
Hey any idea when you guys going to come out with some more shorts I'd love to buy some with lower pockets on them it would be great. I'm a pool guy
deloreanfan81 Pred mesecem
Mama Goonsquad is such a pretty lady and man can she cook 😊
Ubi Pred mesecem
Them sun window labels need to come off
El Niño
El Niño Pred mesecem
All LED shower head relies on water flow to power LED lights. The water flow drives a turbine or generator that in turn produces electricity to supply to the LED lights on the shower head. LED shower lights are generated from small microchip (size of fingertip) called the turbine which is installed inside the shower head. Such chip will instantly light up shower head once water flows through such turbine.
Salty Old Dude
Salty Old Dude Pred mesecem
I think Pops and Mom need a spinoff.
Beast God
Beast God Pred mesecem
💥💥💥I just think the 2nd shower needs a soap holder and both showers needs somewhere to put your wash cloths .. it’ll be kinda nasty just having that stuff on the floor🌟🌟🌟
Red Dave
Red Dave Pred mesecem
Could you have put a few more patterns and styles in those showers 😂😂😂 what a state 😂😂.
radpow Pred mesecem
Lookin great guys
Morne Rauch
Morne Rauch Pred mesecem
hexagon lamo
Chuck abbate
Chuck abbate Pred mesecem
You could send those silver handles out to a plating company and have them coated in gold colored plating if you want them all to match.
beadlesastout Pred mesecem
They should put a generator on this guy's body, he bounces around so much he could power the world energy deficit. Goes to show getting free stuff from sponsors to force stuff on people gives you bounds of energy.
LightForce333 Pred mesecem
Horrible tiling/grouting... stick to cars 😅
cristobal ant garcia
Hello, good morning, everything is very nice, I'll just say something that you missed like the nosy hahaha, the joint of the bathroom ceilings, the one on the corners, an observation
Dylan Streeter
Dylan Streeter Pred mesecem
So did y’all put pop on pay roll or does he still have his job?
ImBorinn Pred mesecem
you should put all the products that you have bought for the home in a list in case people are interested in the products :) loving all of your videos!
Howard Meyers
Howard Meyers Pred mesecem
Wear is vido 81
bozo Pred mesecem
be sure to have your pop do plumbing for you cause he sure wont do any for me if he thinks that ice maker drain is up to any plumbing code in the world
ian scott
ian scott Pred mesecem
your ice is going to smell like farts, you need a separate drain to the outside or maybe above the p trap so your ice maker isn't filled with fart gas
Ray Beaudry
Ray Beaudry Pred mesecem
Looking good 👍I think you'll want to switch out some gold for brushed stainless once you live with it 😉good to see Moma Goon or MOON sounds better though maybe you drywalled her into a wall 😁. All in all great job super impressive for a first build 👏👏👍
David J
David J Pred mesecem
Mannn not tryna hate but those bathrooms are lowkey taccy af and just too much but I respect that they’ve done it themselves and designed it themselves regards
78ginop Pred mesecem
That shower head looks shorter than me
SlowRide Co.
SlowRide Co. Pred mesecem
If you want to get rid of the residue quicker from the tile use white vinegar..... A little trick my father taught me when we were in construction
Robin Linton
Robin Linton Pred mesecem
Thanks for the info John. I didn’t know that it was intentional to have it that way.
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred mesecem
You are welcome Robert! It will be interesting to see how their house looks like once it has become a home. Have a good day!
Radar433 Pred mesecem
If you hook it up to the hot water line it will make the ice clear
Robin Linton
Robin Linton Pred mesecem
As a Joiner with 44 years experience I would say the “barn” sliding door is the wrong way around . I would have fitted it with the diagonal brace to the inside and the boarded side to the outside . Just my opinion. Have been watching your videos for some time now and enjoy them very much. You guys are doing an excellent job of the house .
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred mesecem
The barn door was the idea of Eleazar's wife, and echoes the proposed type of decor which she is intending for their home. Fitting the door with its bracing on the Master Bedroom side perhaps gives more emphasis to its natural style, and echoes the exposed traditional design of the black painted metal track above. It's an interesting concept, and certainly adds a warm and well crafted feel to the space.
Matt Beckhouse
Matt Beckhouse Pred mesecem
Who els loves that the boys mum and pops are in there videos so often loving it keep up the awesome videos boys
Antwan Mejias
Antwan Mejias Pred mesecem
Glad to see pops still going strong 💯‼️
Brian Dale
Brian Dale Pred mesecem
Forget the glass the bathroom is water proof.Glass will restrict movement when you and the wife are both in the red rain.
Thomas Tevis
Thomas Tevis Pred mesecem
Awesome videos sorry I’m sooo late last
NemoCNC Pred mesecem
Clean! I stopped watching around the same time as the well installation, and the progress is insane. Cant wait for y’all to get back to the cars you’ve taught me a good amount of information on builds.
Delane Tuggle
Delane Tuggle Pred mesecem
I came here for cars but tuff house
Pat S
Pat S Pred mesecem
Looking good. Though gold is so 70s.
AtomicBlonde Pred mesecem
I’m sorry but the grout in the master shower is trash. They need to give all the corners a better cleaning!
Jude Chatalian
Jude Chatalian Pred mesecem
What’s a goonz squad?
Eye Of Venture
Eye Of Venture Pred mesecem
Make sure that you get your corners sealed down around the floor and around the ceiling and also find a flange for round the top of the pipe of the rain shower head
Eye Of Venture
Eye Of Venture Pred mesecem
That black hex tile looks sick. Good choice
Eye Of Venture
Eye Of Venture Pred mesecem
Good job this time guys. I was a little scared when you were knocking out the tile dividers with the hard hammer last time. I’m glad you’re using rubber mallet now
kakuzu YT
kakuzu YT Pred mesecem
Goon squad ept 100009 house not done ✅ 😂😂😂
Roberto Gutiérrez
Roberto Gutiérrez Pred mesecem
Why is watching y'all super way more satisfying while eating oreos with 🥛
Top Secret
Top Secret Pred mesecem
Лёд это главное! )
Waylon P
Waylon P Pred mesecem
the black on black in the shower is good
Simon Castillo
Simon Castillo Pred mesecem
These guys can do anything. They are going to continue to evolve their game
Guy Grant
Guy Grant Pred mesecem
What type of food y’all always eat? Lol
Sterling Stauffer
Sterling Stauffer Pred mesecem
I hope they clean up the wood chips inside the cabinet
Cristian Pred mesecem
esta improlija la union del techo y pared
Cristian Pred mesecem
y el bidet?
Nicholas Beebe
Nicholas Beebe Pred mesecem
Should've epoxied over those rocks
Danny Bulmer
Danny Bulmer Pred mesecem
Soon as I seen the bathroom again with the showers that was it for me hopefully when I'm.back in a few months they are doing cars again
Roach Larry
Roach Larry Pred mesecem
Y'alls mom should start a cooking channel. That stuff she makes yall always looks so delicious.
Kevo Bangz
Kevo Bangz Pred mesecem
The real question is.. When y'all going give back to your supporters?🤔 #Giveaway
Kevo Bangz
Kevo Bangz Pred mesecem
You know you made it when you purchase a $3,000 ice maker👀
Tunned On
Tunned On Pred mesecem
Love u guys u made great things and u are so young , if i have free time listen to this or do it when u work i hope it will help you sltv.info/label/msSM39SxkJ-bmq4/video
addressing my weight gain...
Nothing EVER Works!
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