Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor!!! 

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We have been waiting for the longest time to get back onto some vehicle builds!!! After months of working on the new goonzquad headquarters, we are finally getting back into the groove. I'm sure we are a bit rusty after doing only construction work but I'm sure well pick right back up on it. We cant wait to start getting everything together and let this brand new build begin!!! Its going to be super epic!!!
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28. mar. 2021

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Jesse Knight
Jesse Knight Pred uro
Inspiration search up Australian for drives there some real for drives and real ball bars too love your videos
Peter P
Peter P Pred uro
My God talking with your hands and the whole spot just babbling babbling babbling
Invicta View
Invicta View Pred 9 urami
Good to see some car content again. Why not open a museum cum showroom, for the Goonzquad fleet? You could then have a smaller workshop, and no need to park all the builds outside. 🤔👍🇬🇧
Rieo Ramlall
Rieo Ramlall Pred 21 uro
After so long of not making a rebuild video the first one is a truck? Seriously?
My Two Good Hands
My Two Good Hands Pred 23 urami
Bummer that its a V6 I love the Ford Big V8's without turbos
My Two Good Hands
My Two Good Hands Pred 23 urami
Stay with the blue its a sweet color dude
Diego Pred dnevom
Yesssss....... Carssss !!!!!
Joseph Flannery
Joseph Flannery Pred dnevom
I’d recommend Method Racing MR312 wheels in bronze for the raptor, I have them on my 13 F-150 and I love how it looks
Jack Pred dnevom
Nobody: Goonzquad: *alumanim*
Antonio Federico Arce Soto
Hola,es increíble lo que hacéis con los coches,saludos desde España
Shayan Malik
Shayan Malik Pred dnevom
I lost count on how many times they said dude.
Magnus Polestar
Magnus Polestar Pred dnevom
Now it's time to start follow you guy's again
Justin ivannoel
Justin ivannoel Pred 2 dnevi
Guys do you sell your Honda S2000? And how much
Josh A
Josh A Pred 3 dnevi
Comm'on, someone in america needs to "safely" wreck their trex in the name of good youtube content 😂😂😂 that would be an epic series
Adrian cornel
Adrian cornel Pred 3 dnevi
I think so
Gary Ferrari
Gary Ferrari Pred 3 dnevi
Been looking forward to this, I’ve followed the house build but this is what I really subscribed for
3bdulra7man 13
3bdulra7man 13 Pred 3 dnevi
I guess they bought it from whistling diesel
Chocolate Rulez1
Chocolate Rulez1 Pred 3 dnevi
Can’t believe your back on fixing cars that’s what I like to watch
RcGAmer7 Pred 3 dnevi
i love the truck and i think it would look great in purple
Jeremy Porter
Jeremy Porter Pred 3 dnevi
19:55 that was hilarious when he put his mouth on the dog whistle and instantly regretted it 😂😂😂
colin sawyers
colin sawyers Pred 3 dnevi
Definitely change the color to a different type of blue
Isiah Donovan
Isiah Donovan Pred 4 dnevi
New Ford truck trash they are starting to rust out all ready my grandfather told me he is a professional mechanic and welder
Cali_Kicks Pred 4 dnevi
About time! I’ve been waiting for this build for the longest 😭😂
Jace Oh
Jace Oh Pred 4 dnevi
Finally! I missed Goonzquad with wrecked cars bro.
Anders Vestlund
Anders Vestlund Pred 4 dnevi
Bendpak tripple stackers!
Veerathiran Raavanan
Blue is luckiest color for goonzquad
Shane Hurenkamp
Shane Hurenkamp Pred 4 dnevi
I can't believe how much shit these two talk.
Lg!!! !
Lg!!! ! Pred 4 dnevi
How do these homies have so much energy every video 😂
Michael Dowlin
Michael Dowlin Pred 4 dnevi
Over the house build series you guys lost almost half of your viewers thank you for getting back to working on cars
Vincent Finlayson
Vincent Finlayson Pred 4 dnevi
you should make it a manual transmission
J Skaggs
J Skaggs Pred 5 dnevi
Don C
Don C Pred 5 dnevi
If they think that's best color (scheme) you can do on a truck, I'm not sure I'll even watch this series.
Nick Twaddell
Nick Twaddell Pred 5 dnevi
Duuuuuude, that's not a dog whistle :P
Filippo Mambelli
Filippo Mambelli Pred 5 dnevi
I was going to buy of of those monsters but In italy ford don't sell the raptor because it pollutes too much. Fuck Europe!!!!!!!!!
Filippo Mambelli
Filippo Mambelli Pred 5 dnevi
The most powerful raptor i mean
Darrin Douglas
Darrin Douglas Pred 5 dnevi
One word.............Velociraptor........you know you can do it.......
Shane Joyner
Shane Joyner Pred 5 dnevi
Finally back to the cars but way tooooooo much energy.....with no progress.....@vtuned
Mathew Reynolds
Mathew Reynolds Pred 5 dnevi
Pulm crazy purple!
ZTM’s Garage
ZTM’s Garage Pred 6 dnevi
Don’t revvv 😢 that’s a aluminum block 😓😓😓
Aric Bishop
Aric Bishop Pred 6 dnevi
Build a Ford ranger
Wassim Saleh
Wassim Saleh Pred 6 dnevi
Finalyyyy, welcome back to our world
Aleritus YT
Aleritus YT Pred 6 dnevi
Too much carbon will make to too carbonated get it carbonated
Ed Kelly
Ed Kelly Pred 6 dnevi
It's like you all finally woke up. A million subscribers dropped to 3 after 7 months of "This Old House" videos. I know it's your channel and you guys can do what you want. You have over a million views in a week on this Raptor video -- that has to tell you something about how your fans feel. You use to read your comments, but for the last 7 months its been like "nope, not reading comments, have to make a home repair video regardless of what fans are saying"'. I unsubscribed a while back, got tied of getting notifications about porch lights and kitchen cabinets. Not sure if I will subscribe again because while you guys were playing house I found Vise Grip Garage and Emelia Hartford, and like many fans I only have so much free time to watch SLtv -- but I'm glad to see you are back to car and truck builds.
siswadi Official
siswadi Official Pred 6 dnevi
nice new project bro
Kelby Collins
Kelby Collins Pred 6 dnevi
Just found your TikTok and I thought it was very cool that y’all are doing this so I subscribed great content
Darin Wilton
Darin Wilton Pred 7 dnevi
23 minutes and expected something like the description... rebuilding... all you did was take it off a trailer. talk about it, and start it. really? oh wait, you put the spare on LOL
J Eldridge
J Eldridge Pred 7 dnevi
The boys are way out of practice with cars and it shows. Much love fellas but your construction game has interfered with you car presentation skills
Pablo Herrera Correa
TREX!! Say it with me, TREX!!!!
M Pred 7 dnevi
Bro, make a prerunner build out of the raptor
Ethan Howard
Ethan Howard Pred 7 dnevi
What happened to working on your sisters car
فزاع Pred 7 dnevi
عمل رائع
Nyck Ebba
Nyck Ebba Pred 7 dnevi
more cars to build guys...im glad the car builds back again...yess sir
as lamb
as lamb Pred 7 dnevi
LEAVE the WHEELS on the TRUCK alone they look good they are custom for the TRUCK from the factory there are no more RAPTORS running around with different WHEELS or wider BODIES or any other modifications on them or done to them & I've seen a few around my area with absolutely NOTHING done to them & don't lift it either it LOOKS FINE AS IS
as lamb
as lamb Pred 7 dnevi
NOW YOU GUYS DON'T BE ANOTHER STREETSPEED 717 took a brand DODGE TRX $60K + & tore it to NO END it looked it was 50 years old when he got through with & it only had 2 to 4 K miles on it it was still a BRAND NEW TRUCK it LOOKED LIKE SH*T & I watched him of all things destroy that BRAND new Truck so don't another scenario like he did by jumping that RAPTOR & OH he almost destroyed a FORD RAPTOR or worked on it & then got rid of it before he did so do that TRUCK a favor & don't destroy it it to does not have many miles on it
Adam Gelinas
Adam Gelinas Pred 7 dnevi
Ram trx build next? 😂
ralpheyboyboxing Pred 7 dnevi
the duke boys are back with there junk cars
Claudio Maia
Claudio Maia Pred 8 dnevi
John Kelly
John Kelly Pred 8 dnevi
So excited for this build, the amber lights on the truck have to be on all trucks that are past a certain width, the raptor and TRX both go past that width so they have the required 3 amber lights!
gol10dr45 Pred 8 dnevi
Only made it 10 mins. Later.
gol10dr45 Pred 8 dnevi
The 3 amber lights are required by DOT due to the width of the vehicle. TRX DIDN'T copy. Lol. They're there by law.
Donovan Pearson
Donovan Pearson Pred 8 dnevi
ENKEI RPT1 for the wheels
Yan Hong Lee
Yan Hong Lee Pred 8 dnevi
I'm reading these comments some of these comments are pretty longl
Yan Hong Lee
Yan Hong Lee Pred 8 dnevi
I never saw a 4 door Raptor
Dave W.
Dave W. Pred 8 dnevi
sorry bro, lost a little bit of respect for ya with them crocs..
Nicholas d Causey
Nicholas d Causey Pred 8 dnevi
The three little orange lights in the grill are on there because it's so wide
Kiran Thomson
Kiran Thomson Pred 8 dnevi
Nice to see the house again. When I saw Thomas all the memories cane back. Love seeing buddy again.
So Exquisite
So Exquisite Pred 8 dnevi
“Dude” x 44730248
jesus romero
jesus romero Pred 8 dnevi
Finally a Truck build
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Pred 8 dnevi
I like these guys but there body language is super meth like
Charles Rickard
Charles Rickard Pred 8 dnevi
Some home diy hobbyist’s views may fade as car lover’s views rise, but the true goonzquad fans will always linger through every build😎
Ricky Soto
Ricky Soto Pred 8 dnevi
It sucks you guys take a long break from repairing vehicle’s and then you pick a build that 10,000 other people already did
bkurt Pred 8 dnevi
dang son you have way too many gorgeous vehicles in the fleet we all have been forgot about
Nik Williams
Nik Williams Pred 8 dnevi
Wider fiberglass or carbon bed skins vs changing the bed makes more sense to me
Cameron Mcdaniel
Cameron Mcdaniel Pred 9 dnevi
For colors I’d say like a matte black or like a battleship grey cause those amber light would look mean with those two colors I feel
bomber Pred 9 dnevi
Mohamed Faloka
Mohamed Faloka Pred 9 dnevi
Where are you hiding I'm Abig fan watching you
kola sillers
kola sillers Pred 9 dnevi
Fingerprint door opening? There will be so many former F150 owners without thumbs.😂
Kelvin Lopez
Kelvin Lopez Pred 9 dnevi
Gemini no Saga
Gemini no Saga Pred 9 dnevi
That raptor doesn’t look totaled. Fakeeeeeeee
Grandpa Eifel
Grandpa Eifel Pred 9 dnevi
Hopefully FORD will pay for this advertisement. Driving and repairing FORD is first class merchandising. FORD should support with service manuals.
bret rogers
bret rogers Pred 9 dnevi
Should try some beadlock rims.
Kasra Tanha
Kasra Tanha Pred 9 dnevi
you guys really need to put a dude counter in all videos. ya'll say dude to much
Brenden NS
Brenden NS Pred 9 dnevi
Duuude ....dude...duude...duuuuuddeeee...dudee...doooooddeee dudddd dude!!! So many duuudddeeesss 😂😂🤣great content thou!! Dude's
Up Creek Outdoors
Up Creek Outdoors Pred 9 dnevi
All the damage , how it looks and it’s from texas , it may have been from the pile up in the ice storm ?
MuddyBoy06 Pred 9 dnevi
dude ive missed you guys!!!!
ItsTiTan 219
ItsTiTan 219 Pred 9 dnevi
Love you guys are back to build cars(been busy and SLtv just stop recommending your videos been a year or so not watching)
Gavin Flood
Gavin Flood Pred 9 dnevi
Upgrade turbos and do full exhaust and tune it
Gavin Flood
Gavin Flood Pred 9 dnevi
I loved when you guys actually used to go and pick up your builds you should do that again
Peter Zijlstra
Peter Zijlstra Pred 9 dnevi
Where is the Audi??
LandersGym Pred 9 dnevi
Me looking at all their cars, meanwhile I’m sitting here with a 1998 Honda CR-V 😂
sparrow Pred 9 dnevi
What do u mean its wrecked he just didnt get arround to putting a wheel back on
Figgy Figueroa
Figgy Figueroa Pred 9 dnevi
Do you guys put the cars up for sale?
Tanner Colyer
Tanner Colyer Pred 9 dnevi
You should totally do a set of black rhino armory wheels on that truck!! Would be sick
Hamood zad
Hamood zad Pred 9 dnevi
Shane Snouffer
Shane Snouffer Pred 9 dnevi
I know what ever you decide to do its going to turn out great,so keep up the great work/content. Peace
Shane Snouffer
Shane Snouffer Pred 9 dnevi
Do a black out Ford rapter, alot of black carbon fiber wide body sporty, mean, tented windows, with a dark gun smoke gray, so the color should be either black carbon fiber or dark gray carbon fiber, then do a reverse color for the body so if you do black carbon fiber do dark gun metal gray body paint, or if you do dark gray carbon fiber then do black body paint. Maybe lower it just a bit, widen it a little, just widen lower and darken or black it out make it look mean boys. That would be a beautiful truck maybe change the interior color too. You guys would be killing the game.
Shane Snouffer
Shane Snouffer Pred 9 dnevi
Hey guys, if you could can you please update us on what happened to the car that you bought for your sister that you were going to do some work to for her.That car is the one you guys got it was your sister's dream car I think you bought it right before you guys decided to do alot of the building work on your new house that is just getting done. I'm just curious because you were going to work on that car then the house got in the way, now you've bought the Ford rapter. Love the rapter can't wait to see what you guys do with it, I hope you guys do something epic, not just a lift, and turbos, but you have a chance to do something crazy to get your followers back loving the car work.good luck love the content.
Joseph Zappala
Joseph Zappala Pred 9 dnevi
What happened to rebuilding that Audi A5? Just curious what happened with that one.
elsy Ruiz
elsy Ruiz Pred 9 dnevi
It would be good if they put subtitles in Spanish
Nathaniel Hunt
Nathaniel Hunt Pred 9 dnevi
I don't know if you notice but you guys have a missing part for the viper on the hood
SavageApeV4 Pred 9 dnevi
The amber lights are required by law because of the width. That's why the TRX also has them.
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good morning
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